Monday, July 11, 2011

Vacation and a road trip

I have always loved the excitement of a road trip. The preparations of the journey, the planning of routes, accommodations, sight seeings along the way and the choices of restaurants and last but not least the arrival at one's destination.

Our travels will bring us to South Carolina, a place I love, not just because there is such beauty in the name, but because of it's history and lifestyle. There is certainly a Southerner hidden within me! The slower pace and the French influences, the style, charm and language are dear to me and to spend more time then the average tourist in Savannah,GA adds to the thrill of this year's summer time.

We will stop over near Raleigh, NC. The small town of Wilson will shelter us for the night. The kids are all excited about the hotel and pool after a long journey!
And to sink into the jacuzzi will be IT for hubby and me!

My book list has been modified to put us in the mood and we will listen on the road to our well loved audio version of John Berendt's Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.
A story only life could create so incredibly and perfectly captured by Berendt's effortless prose. Storytelling comes easy to him and this one will hold me tight again. My fascination with crime stories, the South, a slew of eccentric characters, all fueled by his unwavering eye for details will delight me like the first time I read the book, more then 10 years ago.
And no summer is complete without the typical beach readings, easy and fun, entertaining and amusing!
I picked Karen White's Charleston based stories The House On Tradd Street and the sequel to it: The Girl On Legare Street!

Of course there are so many more good reads, loose yourself in a bookstore on any given sweltering day and you surely will find one of those lovely stories, wrapped in local hues, which can transport you to your destination of choice!
Just the other day through this lovely blog I came to discover another Paris story: Hidden In Paris. You can buy it here! The chain reactions in the blog world are sheer endless, one of the many things I so adore about it! 
This tip came from the charming Vicky of French Essence.
Thanks, darling!

Our annual family vacation brings us to a lovely island in South Carolina, only about twenty miles outside  Savannah, GA. 

A beach house awaits us, there will be lots of bicycling, tennis and walking, beach combing and long nights poolside with clam bakes and wine under the stars. 
And I will write about my impressions, dreams and plans.

I will lure my husband to discover Savannah again with me. We will walk hand in hand along streets lined with spanish moss covered oaks and across many small squares. It is something I can't wait to do. Small cafes await...

We've been there for one night years ago on route to Florida. This time it will almost feel as if we were moving there for a while. This truly tickles my fancy!
Yesterday's Sunday breakfast

Still at home we have pulled the traveling bags from the attic, the quiet place were our summer dreams camp over the wintertime. Stickers from last years travels to Italy are a reminder of the wonderful time we've all had in Tuscany!
This year will again see all of us together, in-laws, our older children from Germany and the youngsters here!
My packing list sits on my desk, bedroom dressers are open and I can't wait to start packing!
Between bathing suits and sun cream, snorkel equipment and ballet flats, sundresses and shorts I dream of my toes in the sand...loosing myself a little on an endless beach! 

I hope your summer as well comes along nicely, relax and refresh, wherever you are.


Pictures as indicated, via google image (map) and my own.


  1. I have a little care package for your road trip!
    Let me know when I can pop it over to you.

  2. Patricia, you are the sweetest friend one could have! Thank you for everything! Call you later.....


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