Thursday, April 23, 2015

The process of writing

It has been a year and a half. Roughly. And almost a year to the day that I said good bye here. It has been a wonderful year of writing, learning. An eye opening time, a time I am so grateful for. I am not done, but I think I am getting there. Not that it will mean much, the next step to find an agent or a publisher will perhaps be the greater challenge. I feel still like a novice, a innocent child in the adult world of literature, but alas, just as innocent, I am hopeful. Wish me more luck. Writing is a lonely thing, not be shared really, not to be talked about and I have felt often during this time that I secluded myself. It is necessary, but not always comfortable. But I love it. 
I have hardly read any blogs, hardly done anything but write, only immersed myself in the times, read countless books of historical relevance and now I feel this is also my university, my time to study and truly history has become my new passion. A time of growth. As an old midwife and mother I can only say I am expecting, looking forward to the time of my confinement. To deliver.

I wish you all a wonderful spring time, after a long hard winter here we finally see some progress and just like this time of year I am hopeful and wish you all time for growth.

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