Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Autumn polish

Fall is for me like the beginning of a new year. Perhaps the onset of a new school year makes me feel that way. Spring moves seamless into summer, but it's different with autumn. It always fills me with the need for autumn clean up and I am off to a good start:

First the dining room: 
I sorted out, moved china on display in my china cabinet, left only things out for daily use:
Coffee maker, coffee, toaster, much loved salt and pepper pigs, a small silver lidded box holding stevia bags, my daily silverware in easy reach to set the table!

It looks so clean now. I moved things away from my window ledge and now the sun streams through glass candle holders and a small fern plant in my copper planter.

Old postcards from the mirror were removed and only the most important ones are left on the large world map!
I waxed the table with delicious table wax and the room is done for the next few weeks!


Then I moved to our family room to give it a thoroughly check up. There is a dresser, filled with games and a drawer with candles, but the top has become a catch all for spill over china....
So I sorted: The melamine plates down to the basement, glasses back into the cabinets,
vases restored to their original purpose: holding flowers...

Do I see still some lego under there??? The basket candle holders need to go back to the deck table....And the old torchiere has to go elsewhere!


What's left?
My desk, the sorting of magazines, cleaning out of the bookshelves.

The winter room needs a fixing as well: Fire place and chimney cleaning, piano tuning, and a new wall paper.
My husband declared it's good to have visitors coming on the weekend, the house looks spic and span... Well, it's sheer coincidence!!!
So much has been removed: I am clearly heading for my own yard sale...
But there is more: bedroom sorting, clothes sorting and give aways, looking through my winter wardrobe.
I am trying not to hold on to things I haven't used in a while, I am learning! It's hard though!

Still I hear the cicadas in the trees, but I am so looking forward to the long cozy hours at the fire place, the rustic meals, pumpkins and the harvest of apples.
Autumn, I am yours!

Pictures by V.Zlotkowski and as indicated.


  1. It really is a great feeling to clean and clear out for the new season!


    Art by Karena

    I have a Giveaway from Interieurs I hope yoou will come and join!

  2. Autumn is the same for me....a new start! I'm going to be doing the same purging and reorganizing! Fall is my favorite time of year! Your place looks very nice!

  3. love the lime green wall!...and all the painted furniture....i am inspired to start cleaning...it always feels great....

  4. Your organizing and eliminating shows beautifully.
    Like you, today, I sorted the closets.
    I am your newest follower yet I feel I know you from our mutual blogging friends and your comments are always kind and encouraging.
    Helen xx

  5. Nice wall color and the dresser is just so lovely! Nice autumn interior! Check out also 3D Rendering


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