Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This autumn has literally fallen over me, too fast, too unexpected. I know, I know, you might say, how is this possible? Halloween is just around the corner? School has began two month ago, summer far behind!
But it's all good and true, yet the summer had been lingering in my mind and mood. 

Looking every morning out of my breakfast/lunch/dining/room window, seeing the sun I have ignored the dropping temperatures. But now I begin to feel the season. We had to bring our oleanders and ficus tree inside, the hibiscus is still holding out, but it's days are numbered too.

There are fat pumpkins reminding me every day that we are at the end of October. I shudder. Still, I walk in shoes without socks...
I haven't decorated for fall, as I usually do, and so far Halloween just looks from the outside in.

Today, walking through the garden on a somewhat blustery morning, I rescued the last fallen Dahlias, glorious yellow and pink tipped beauties, together with some reddish blue Hydrangeas they now brighten my spirits and smile at me: 

Look at the glory of autumn!

We have been out for long walks with the dog, numerous 'last' sittings on our deck with hands around hot tea and still I had not felt fall.

Now suddenly I see the turning leaves, some trees almost bare. There are mountains of leaves on every corner in our neighborhood and I can smell the occasional firewood burning.
Oh, summer....my old friend!
Autumn has sneaked up on me, just as the years have. Perhaps I am holding on to that feeling of summer, realizing that my hair grows more gray under that layer of color.
Unlike fall, I do not become more colorful as I move into my next season.... 
But it is also time for bringing in the harvest.

I am slowly falling in love. I just need to change my mind set a little. Embrace the cooler air, the light falling golden through transparent trees. The mist in the morning and the high, star filled skies at night.
The promise of an golden autumn!

All pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Hello Victoria:
    And we too are being seduced by these golden words into autumn. How well we empathise with your holding on to those last days of summer for we too have been guilty of this. However, rather like you, we recognise that the time is right for embracing the new season with all its glories.

    Your Dahlias look so wonderfully spirited as they sparkle like fireworks indoors. In our gardening days we were very fond of them as they gave such a brave blast of colour at summers end.

  2. As I read your words and admire your images, I too am suddenly feeling the enthusiasm of Autumn lurking...as I begin to layer, adding another layer to our beds, another log on the fire and preparing our dear daughter for "Colonial Day!" The leaves seem to be singing and shouting for our attention before they bear naked branches and yearn for a blanket of soft white snow. It is funny how it happens so fast....and we still seem to hold on to summer's warmth.
    Your front door looks lovely~

  3. Hello Victoria

    You had a busy Summer with company and one finds when they depart the thoughts of the visit remain long in our hearts after their leave.
    Your Dahlias are strikingly beautiful and unusual.


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