Sunday, June 17, 2012

A father's and a son's day

Today the stars have aligned to a happy meeting: Father's Day and our oldest son's 25th birthday!
A quarter of a century of parenthood and a wonderful blossoming young life of an aspiring artist and filmmaker!
To you both, although you did not know each other from the very start, the years have brought you in wonderful ways together! A true father son relationship has been forged between you and it makes me so happy, grateful and proud to see, how far we all have come along!
All of us wish the man, who takes it all with grace and love, the best of Father's Day!
And to you, dear oldest one, we wish that all your dreams come true! May you have another happy year before you, with your lovely girl and brothers, sister and parents by your side!

Lebenskuenstler! True life style artists!
We love you!

And to our fathers who have helped us to be who we are today!

Happy Father's Day!

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  1. Happiness all around to all the men in your life!

  2. Hello Victoria:
    What a lucky girl you are to be surrounded by such sweet men! We are sure that you can hardly imagine that 25 years which have flown by since the birth of your eldest son. But, how wonderful that time has brought you all closer to each other and that father and son can share such an east relationship together. You are blessed indeed.

    Happy, happy day!

  3. Thank you, Patricia, Jane & Lance! I feel so blessed indeed and hope for many more happy years with my big bundles of joy!

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