Saturday, January 19, 2013

Material men

Old copper and dried hydrangea

Seeing all the different materials around the house, in their strange settings, or shall I say unfamiliar to me and yet intriguing, made me wander around to take some pictures. I love salvaged materials, or the ones used for building, like wood or copper. It's like jewelry for the house, decorative and useful at the same time. Poetic and dramatic.

And this is what I found:

Old half round dental molding from over the front door


The tree reflected

Roofer's toolbox

The roof is taking shape and the porticos are almost done, it looks certainly beautiful, even in this unfinished stage.

My trusted contractor and his crew on the roof are
doing their work above and beyond my expectations! 
Thank you, guys!

All images V.Zlotkowski,  copyright 2013


  1. My dear Victoria, Hello, my friend.

    Happy New Year to you!! Your photographs are works of art. You are an artist with an innate ability and understanding for intrinsic beauty that surrounds you. I don't think I would look at old nails, screws and copper twice, in my ignorance, in the pile of rubbish. But you do because ideas and inspiration come to you even from the humblest objects. To some extent, being an artist is the exploration of something unknown and it's about bringing to the light what had been hidden beneath. I absolutely adore your new porch. It's beautifully designed and imagined. Everything you do is poetic, instinctive and artistic to me. The poet, W G Sebald once wrote this little poem which reminds me of you:

    my friend
    wrote Schumann
    are stars
    which guide us
    only in
    brightest daylight'

    With best wishes, ASD x

  2. Hello Victoria:
    Your images of all of those items which could be so easily overlooked are truly inspirational and confirms how much beauty, often a strange beauty, there is to be found in the world around us.

    As for your house alterations - so very exciting. Everything looks to be coming on so well and we cannot wait to see the final, finished result.


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