Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In the driver's seat

Yesterday our daughter turned 16. A wonderful day, filled with reminiscence and my sometimes wistful thoughts on time, growth and the speed of it all.

Talking of speed, this morning she is taking her test to receive her learner's permit and she has been waiting and looking forward to this day for years.
As this  day approached, my heart sunk a little, some of my motherly fears and apprehensions collided with my pride and conviction that she will be a good and safe driver. My little girl out there on the roads, where I witness almost daily the fast and the fury? Where often the laws of the road are overlooked, overturned and ignored? How will she manage the maze of possibilities and all the lurking danger?
As with all new challenges in my children's lives, I will let them lead and I will support.
I will try not to scare her off with too much advise, I will trust she will manage just fine as we all did and hope - hope - her sound judgement, attention and her guardian angel will always be with her!
She will practice safe driving with us and I cannot think of a better guide then her father, a safe and careful driver and myself, without major accidents and a spotless record otherwise. Our example hopefully has given her the base layer, the subconscious code of behavior, something she might recall in moments of danger. 

I am happy for her, my lovely girl, to master yet another skill for living in the adult world.
May she always be safe out there! 

PS: She just passed the test successfully! 

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  1. Please tell your darling driver that we all wish her much success as she is in the driver's seat and the journey of life is all so special to witness as parents. I feel we are very blessed to be able to let our children go, let them accept responsibilities and see them rise to meet every challenge and turn every corner with grace.
    I know your daughter will be just fine.

  2. Thank you, Patricia!
    I hope and believe she will drive just fine, all takes time to learn and master!

  3. Hello Victoria

    Your daughter is beautiful and she will be a responsible driver. You and your husband are such shining examples of joy and responsibility. I agree that the Guardian Angel needs to always be beside us.
    Have a lovely week

  4. Hi Vitoria, your daughter is gorgeous!! God bless her!!!


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