Wednesday, December 14, 2011

For The Love Of Old

Maybe a year ago I saw this book by Mary Randolph Carter and was intrigued. It stood high up on a shelf, wrapped in cellophane and somewhat out of reach. It looked expensive and, at the time, I just made a mental note of it to save it for later.
Later became months and I had  almost forgotten about it, when I stumbled recently upon it during one of many excursions to a bookstore nearby. This time I did not hesitate and grabbed it for myself at the holidays. This was such a delightful discovery and her other book, 'A Perfectly Kept House is a Sign for a Misspent Life' has grazed my side table for a little while longer! It has, in fact, become something like my regular go-to when I need a pick me up! 

Of course this new one (which is actually the old one, no pun intended) should sit wrapped under the tree, but this year everything is a little different. 
For once we haven't gotten a tree - yet! Will there be one? 
I am not sure...
Secondly we are traveling and I am already making lists and checking them twice. We vowed this time to travel lightly!


Which, of course, gives me reason for plenty of anxiety. I have a hard time being selective! Packing is no exception!
Well, it's simply not in my nature. I collect things. And every once in a while I clean out and begin again. Now, I feel, I found a kindred spirit, for I love old things. Many of them! 
Mary Randolph Carter has put it all in such fine words and images, I can recommend  both books to keep you sane, especially if you are, once in a while, affected by that terrible decease Perfection. And for the fun of it! 
Of course it's not for everyone, I guess this makes the world such a wonderful place. 
Minimalists and modernists will perhaps crawl away in a bright, clean and well lit corner....But I am in the right spot!
So, these books together gave me lot's to think about and I'll keep this mindset for the journey ahead! I'll keep it simple and fun! 

I will not fret over my children's wardrobe for the journey, will let my husband do his own choosing and will not nag when the days come, and we will go out to fine dining at Christmas and New Year's Eve on the road in California...
The question"What? You did not bring a second shirt?" shall not cross my lips!
I will just look serenely the other way! Being where we will be, there will be plenty beautiful to see...

We will be together, old is wonderful and I will cherish the things which lay ahead. Old and new!

What are your plans ahead?

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  1. Hello Victoria:
    We have absolutely no intention whatsoever of letting Mary Carter's 'For the Love of Old' escape from us for it sounds, and we are sure is, exactly the kind of book we should love to have. And so the hunt is on, although most likely we shall have more chance of ordering it when we return to the UK in the New Year than here in Hungary. Now that is something to look forward to.

    Travelling light is something we are not very good at either. With the best of intentions at the outset, we always find ourselves weighed down with luggage and many of the things which we take do not, in the event, ever get an airing. Our advice would be to make your husband and family responsible for their own packing this time, and you will simply look after yourself. And what they do not have they must do without.

  2. Good morning dearest Victoria!

    I must LOOK OUT for this book, for I love OLD and having books to reference to for great design is a MUST! I have a special place for these kinds of books and if I am not reading poetry or something French, a casual perusing through a decorating book makes me sigh and smile......I thank you for your visit and sweet comments....THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for such kind WORDS!!!!!!! AND MAY YOU ENJOY the blessings of being with family and that your Christmas be a special one this year.....BISOUS! Anita

  3. What an interesting book! I'll have to put it on my wishlist. I never worry about putting up a tree the years we travel for Christmas, there's always a tree wherever you go. We're actually spending our Christmas at Disneyland, which I'm very excited for. A very happy holiday to you!

  4. Jane and Lance: You two sound just wonderful with all your options! Hungary - Britain! I am sure you will get it in one of these places!
    Amazon is great for all that, no?
    I will do just as you suggest: My family will take care of themselves this year, I will only loosely supervise! And I will fend for myself! I will report on the success! ; )))

    It's so much of a mindset, to love things of old! You have such fine aesthetics, there will be much you'll take from it! I am sure!

    Carrie: We did just this last year and we absolutely loved DisneyWorld in Florida. Such a huge business, yet it always felt personal, fun and stress free. We have teen and preteen kids, they appreciated everything so much! Hope you have the best time!
    These books are lovely!

    Thank you all for commenting! Makes me happy!

  5. Traveling light is an art and I find it is in the accessories and layers.
    Leggings, scarves and a nice sweater or jacket work well over one skirt, one pant. All you need are 5 pieces and then a few accessories. Roll when packing and always take one thing out before you leave. You can always buy it there :)
    Camera, notebook and on your merry way -
    I know you will love San Francisco.

  6. As the saying goes - "Twice the cash and half the stash." When one does not have lots of cash then we bring the stash.

    On another note, I wish you and your lovely family the happiest of holiday seasons.

    Happy traveling!!

  7. Patricia; I will follow your rule of five! Sounds wonderfully easy! And some accessories! Perfect! Can't wait to get started! Thank you, dear friend!

    Rebecca: I like that tip as much as the rule of five! ; ))) Just the luggage space will limit my shoppings....
    Well, there is always shipping, right?

    Happy Holidays to you all!


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