Monday, December 5, 2011

From my collections and a movie

Last weekend found our family at the annual holiday bazaar at the German School in the neighboring town. A tradition, we have been following for the last 10 years or so, since our daughter attended language classes there when she was a toddler.
It connects me every year with my roots. There are all the small things which remind me of Germany: The food, a Christmas pagan and songs, there is coffee and cake, baked by  the German mothers and I indulge in Kaesekuchen (German cheesecake) and Chocolate tarts. There are typical evergreen wreath sold for the advent time, the ones with four large candles, to be lit successively every Sunday before Christmas. We've met a delightful couple and their young daughter, a diplomat to the UN, from Mexico and his Polish wife...Since my husband is Polish as well and me being German, there was a lot of talk about the cultures and lot's of laughter too! They had lived for 10 years in Germany and their 11 year old daughter speaks four languages with ease! 


There is usually a great tombola - a lottery, where my kids enjoy to win prizes and there is a book fair, which I look forward to the most, every year.  In the past I often found great books for my children, often ones, I read as a child myself. But also modern authors, I know little about, since I left Germany almost 20 years ago. Now my children are not interested in German literature so much, they are now engulfed in their own American reading culture, but I indulge in one of my biggest passions.
This year was no exception and I found a treasure trove. I scored a collection of books. A Rilke edition, selected works, from the renowned Insel Verlag, an old publishing house, with editions, known and collected for their artistic covers.

I absolutely adore this collection with it's marbleized paper on the covers. It's an older edition, with all the markings of, I believe, rather seldom taken out school library books.
Rilke is known for his poetry, the Elegies are his best, I think, and some beautiful prose. 
It has, for time being, a honorable place on our mantle, where I can see it and page through the fine leaves every day!

An example of his writings:

A movie, which I saw with my youngest son on Saturday night fits right in with the poetic motions. We saw Martin Scorsese's HUGO in 3D. It was a feast, for the eye and the soul.
The movie tells the story of Hugo, a young orphan, living in the bowels of a train station in the centre of Paris and the his search for clues to find the key to some mysteries in his life. 

The story unfolds in beautiful images, filled with poetry and a language, so seldom heard in movies these days. The actors are superb and if you love the movies, it's the one to see! It is also a movie about the magic of movies...You do not have to be a child to enjoy it!

A treat for the holidays!
An 11 out of 10!!!

All images as indicated and my own. Hugo image via moviefone.


  1. Lovely! I love going to fairs that embrace cultures.
    Thanks for the movie tip....
    I went to see "My week with Marilyn" - I loved learning more about her.

  2. Love that there is something so close to your home that brings you home in your heart. There is a little German Market near Niagara Falls I'm hoping to check out this week. I want to see this movie....especially now 11 out of 10!!
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. I HAVE GOT to see this movie!!!!!!

    Sweet Victoria, I LOVE THAT YOU ARE OF GERMAN DESCENT! Oh, your German cheesecake sounds LOVELY!!!! ANd your daughter had a German immersion experience? And of course with YOU, you have to be speaking German in the father loved his German friends, and we would go to visit them and the wives would make REAL STRUDEL...I am sorry, I know i spelled that wrong!

    THANK YOU SWEET ONE for coming to visit! I have been so busy this school year that it is difficult to visit everyone....but I thank you and wish you a wonderful celebration of this time of year..Anita

  4. Back from my alps trip. I've been enjoying the German Christmas Markets - was in German last week.
    There was no kasekuchen though;-)

  5. Some of my favorite Christmas ornaments are from Germany. My mother would purchase a little painted wooden angel for me every year, although they were expensive compared to the other plastic types and for Mrs Claus who was buying gifts for 6 kids on a very limited budget. She would wrap it up carefully and place it in my stocking, to open first thing Christmas morning. These little angels have always been so precious to me, especially now that my mom is one too. Fröhliche Weihnachten to you my friend! Wishing you many blessings.


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