Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Little post in between

Returning from one trip and preparing for another, time to post is spare and yet I long to talk to you.
Some of my dearest bloggers are back from their own travels and adventures,  I apologize for not commenting often enough, but believe me, I read! My thoughts wander to Scotland and England, Hungary, France and Germany, Poland, Australia, around the corner and around the world! They travel around America and I adore your thoughts!
You all inspire me! Thank you all. I can't say it often enough, blogging and reading all your posts lifts me off the ground... 
After coming back from New Orleans - oh, has it been two weeks already ? - we had the younger kids back from their respective camps, loads of laundry piling high, medical check ups before school, a new client - hurrah, and plenty of social engagements, mostly all last minute, before going away again.

Woodpecker, hammering away....
As busy as I...

The beauty over the neighbor's fence...

Our regular visitor... hope the cat never gets him...

Still I found time to marvel at the raindrops and the birds flying around the house....I am a hopeless nature watcher and I can drop everything to follow that woodpecker with my camera....We fed hummingbirds with honey the other day....
We are going away in August, to spend time at a wonderful place in France, the Dordogne area, near Bergerac.... yes, the place of Cyrano De Bergerac fame.


And the wonderful landscape near the Dordogne river, which has been made known around the world by the prehistoric wall art at Les Eyzies, Lascaux and Font-de-Gaume.

But most of all to reunite with our family, the older boys and their beloved ones, my in-laws - the sweetest people around and my sister and her family.... All to have and to hold for awhile in our arms, to make again memories together and fill up the emotional tanks....

I can't wait, I can't wait!

A house is awaiting us, a wonderful old house, in a tiny town, which we will discover. And more then that, the people, the food, the wine, the landscapes around and the sure treasures to be found!
More about that soon to come!
I promise to post, I can't help it sharing with you all!

Au revoir, mon amies!

Photography by V.Zlotkowski, images via websites


  1. Bonjour Victoria:
    How wonderful that you are about to embark on more travels, and this time to Europe and that most beautiful part of France, the Dordogne. We are absolutely thrilled for you.

    Some 40 years ago we spent some considerable time in that area, staying in the small town/village of Montignac close to Sarlat. We still retain very fond memories of it all.

    Have a lovely holiday and we wish you a safe return.

  2. Victoria,
    I think you need to add to your repertoire "travel agent provacateur!" (spelling?)
    You make it all look easy and elegant. I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip - time with family, making memories, all so delightful.

  3. Safe travels it sounds like a wonderful way to wrap up summer!

  4. Hello Victoria

    I am delighted for you to be able to join family and friends in this beautiful corner of France. I am going to anxiously await your detailed report. Enjoy every single moment.

    Helen xx

  5. Have a brilliant, brilliant time and safe travels.. xv


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