Friday, July 27, 2012

Refreshed life

We all have refreshed our lives, through travels, experiences, some good, some not so good and learned a lot along the way.
Our boy is back home since Wednesday, four weeks of camp and sick in the end, so we picked him up a few days earlier and he has been sleeping and eating, in that or the reverse order since then!

So New Orleans

We on the other hand enjoyed a few delightful last kid free days in New Orleans and the impressions were intense and wonderful.

Cool colors

Sunday morning vista with man and his dog.

A typical house/street view

A character stepping out of cafe EnVie

Happy together in NOLA

Gorgeous architecture

Classic Deli in the Garden District

Southern belle in the Garden District.

What a city! Full of contrasts, great music, crazy nightlife and beautiful houses and streets and the friendliest people.
We explored many neighborhoods, of which some still show the scars of Katrina, some have been rebuild all new and many places kept the classic New Orleans charm. A place we want to return some day!

Dinner at Galatoire's

Galatoire's is an institution in Nola

We sampled Creole and Cajun cuisine, cocktails and looked all over for healthy foods to offset the indulgences....

Delights at Emeril's

Our mornings often led us to this little market stall, the Meals From The Heart Cafe, where Avril was patient to explain the foods of New Orleans and her own delicious healthy variations.... From vegan smoothies to delicious Crab omelets and raw salads, the menu was chockfull of healthy goodness.

All can be found and every time we were delighted.
The markets are covered to protect from the sun, it was fabulous to wander about and stop here and there for refreshment. 

Absolutely great foods at the Satsuma cafe

A foot of water within minutes.....

We had crazy weather patterns, torrential rains for two days and then glorious sun and the perfect weather to stroll about.

We witnessed the burial of "Uncle" Lionel Batiste, the famous drummer and a institution in New Orleans' jazz life. It was a one of a lifetime experience. I will post separately on this amazing event.

Valorie and I....

My husband and Alberto with me...

We also visited a lovely blog friend, something I had hoped for a long time. Valorie Hart of the great blog The *Visual* Vamp has been most gracious to invite us to her lovely home and we spend a wonderful afternoon, so familiar with all,  Cholo the dog included, just as any visit to old friends. We parted truly as such and hope to see them both soon again! We are ready to Tango again....
Thank you Valorie and Alberto! We love you both! It was a delightful afternoon, great conversations and great food!

The Crescent City has been good to us and we will return!

All images by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Hello Victoria:
    What a wonderful post and made especially so by the lovely and very happy pictures of you with your husband. You both look so fit and well and very happy together.

    And what a most interesting place New Orleans appears to be with, as you show, some very splendid architecture and obviously some exceedingly kind and friendly people. Such fun too to have met up with a fellow blogger with whom yo very clearly immediately 'clicked'. Happy, happy days!

  2. Hello Victoria

    I love the images of New Orleans. We have not been yet and this whets my appetite. I love the architecture and shot gun houses. Thanks for sharing the picture of you and your husband. I love your glasses too. I am happy to read your son is back home and happy.

    Enjoy your weekend

    Helen xx

  3. Victoria,
    So delighted that you had some fun away and alone time which makes us feel like kids again. Great images!
    Then to be re-united with our children makes us whole. Enjoy this weekend with your lovely family.

  4. Thank you all for your lovely comments, indeed being together makes us whole again!

  5. My dear Victoria, I love this post. I'm so glad to hear that you had a wonderful time. What a handsome couple you both are. You both are looking so well in the picture. This year's summer, it rains every day. We probably had about two days of sunny weather in the whole summer. All the other time, it is wet and damp. So, it is nice to see your bright, colourful visit to New Orleans. It's such a treat. Have a good week, my dear!!

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  7. Such a pleasure to discover your photos and those from N.Y too. I like the atmosphere here. ( I'm french sorry for my poor english...).


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