Thursday, July 12, 2012

New York on a hot day

Second Ave near Houston, looking north

My husband and I spend a few hours walking and enjoying New York City. Childless for time being, we do things, we haven't done in years. Going out without limitations, spontaneous trips on the weekend, long summer evenings doing sweet nothings in the garden...

The gondola from Roosevelt Island arrives

In town we discovered new restaurants and shops. Oh, I forgot how glorious it is to browse small design shops in Nolita or wandering through Little Italy and Chinatown!

The Little Noodle Shop

Wonderful architecture
A New York view

Impressive buildings


Havana on Elizabeth

The Ford Thunderbird, my secret love

And we just watch people and the bustle of town. I remembered the many times we came there, when we still lived on the Upper Westside...

A stylish roof garden

Wall art I like
We had dinner at Quintessence, one of the raw restaurants inNew York, small, but delicious! The blue berry pie was the very best ever! No picture, it was eaten too fast.....

Dinner at Quintessence

Four boys wearing fox tales

A hot night!

12 years ago that changed and I have not looked back, but I remember fondly!
New York is just an always emerging, energizing hot spot! And thankfully only a short journey gets me there!

All images by V.Zlotkowski


  1. I love the city in small doses....great shots...added the gondola ride to the list of my next visit!

  2. Hello Victoria

    How lovely to be able to amble through the City at your leisure and without schedule. The raw food looks delicious and I am craving some.

    Wishing you continued enjoyment
    Helen xx

  3. It is wonderful to enjoy the journey of life and try new things. I think the heat makes us look for cool spots too.
    That raw meal looks so cool!

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