Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer weeks

 Last year's summer...they all have grown!

Since yesterday our children are off to happy summer days. Traveling plans, hatched out many long months ago, came finally true, our youngest one at sleep away camp for the first time. Our next older daughter away in Europe.
What are parents to do without kids? Enjoy the gift of extra time.
No calls for this and that, no breakfast on time, not too much laundry, reading on the deck without being mocked for spending yet another boring hour with a book?!
Spending time with friends at a spontaneous dinner invitation? Heavenly!
Out in town with my husband, not caring for timely returns home to make sure everybody is off to other words: A few precious weeks of childless, care free summer days.
Do not get me wrong, we love to spend time with our growing children, but after a year of parental chores, checking, cleaning, cooking, prepping and grooming, we are as much in need of a break as our beloved offspring, who are telling us gleefully, that spending time away from everybody in the family is the best thing that happened since last year at this time....
And so, here we are, happy as kids in a candy store, enjoying the well deserved break from parental responsibilities.... until a phone call early this Sunday  morning wakes us from sweet innocent slumber: Our son cannot find his contact lenses, please advise....
And off I go, explaining in detail where I stashed the goods in his massive trunk...
Never a dull moment!

Happy summer days to all!

Picture private.


  1. Hello Victoria

    How great that everyone in your family is where they want to be at this time. It does take time to get into a new routine and be able to relax (phone calls like the one today bring you back to reality hee hee)
    Enjoy every blissful moment

    Helen xx

  2. Sounds heavenly....that will be my life come Fall...I'm partly excited and partly scared....but more excited for all the reasons you mentioned! Carefree life again! Have a wonderful time!

  3. Just back from a 12 mile bike ride and now to attend to a quick shower to cool and cleanse and then to put on my parent hat which to me is one if life's best jobs. It may not always be easy or the best pay but the rewards of seeing our children grow is something akin to a miracle.
    May this carefree time be a time of quiet miracles and connecting to the one you love.
    It is challenging to put ourselves in front of the parent train. Choo choo.....
    As always, wonderful to see you.


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