Saturday, November 9, 2013

The 'statement' chair we love

When we moved into our first house, we were looking for a chair to read in, next to a couch, yet not part of a set. We love indestructible leather for the obvious reasons when raising a young family, a dog running and scratching every surface. 
We like an eclectic mix of old and new, modern and antique. After a little while we settled on a leather chair with sleek lines, low and extremely comfortable. A small ottoman completes the set.
It is the Montis LOGE  chair, by the Dutch designer Gerard Van den Berg. Masculine and elegant, it fits sleek into any eclectic design scheme. The chair invites a relaxed leaning, a cozy fit, the chair envelopes you and one can actually take a comfortable nap in it too.


After moving into our current home, it has become my husband's chair, his outline by now visible even when he is not sitting in it! This cozy corner is always calling his name. 

A few weeks ago I was ask by One King's Lane to write about a special chair in my home, using their resource guide as a help to describe it. Well, it would fit into the style section of modern European design chairs, and, although the chair was not listed as an example of the style period, it gives the searching person an idea where he or she might want to begin looking for something to purchase, or, if one comes across a particular model to look for guidance of style and possible period.

The chair has seen some changes, sometimes a blanket will be draped over an arm or, lately with the beginning of the colder season a huge sheepskin rug fills the length of the chair for more cozy reading time. 
The chair is a part of our home,  the music room truly unthinkable without it. After 15 years of daily use, the chair shows no signs of aging.... It might outlive us....

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  1. Hello Victoria

    The chair has elegant lines and looks very inviting. I love how you drape a sheepskin over the leather, making it cozy at wintertime.

  2. Nice post ;)

  3. My dear Victoria,

    I think this elegant chair looks like a perfect chair for reading. I'm very particular about my reading chair. In the past, I spent money buying chair and chaise lounge but never really sat on them. It seems to me that I always come back to an old wingback armchair which comes with me wherever I move and this chair is the only chair I can sit and read.

    Your house always looks beautiful anytime of the year. I'm enchanted by your orchestration of colours and patterns. All is well here apart from having less time to write and visit to my dear, dear friends' blogs. Yes, the cold winter is here. I saw the first red robin arrived this morning in the garden, having a quick look at the bird table with its sad eyes as the nut-basket was empty when I was having my breakfast.

    Thank you so much for your kind words as always...

    Best wishes, ASD x

  4. Love the chair and carpet. Beautiful. Thanks for posting!

  5. Dear Victoria - I am pleased that I found you via Helen Tilston.
    I love your husband's chair, the joy of leather is that it improves with age.
    Yesterday we were talking to someone who has a birthday looming and his children are buying him a chair (unknown to him). My husband said that he remembered that his grandfather had his own chair, and I think it made him feel rather deprived - perhaps I shall have to think about getting him is own chair.
    I am now following you.

  6. I am also love the 'statement' chair because it have some cool condition and i feel relax for that i liked this chair. Home Decor Ideas

  7. Not only is the chair is awesome Victoria but the whole room. I’ve been dreaming to have one and got a vintage wood chair yet it reminds me that the red chair once a special to me. Your idea also led me to write my own Bali Hut Super Store.Keep this house more beautiful and looking forward to see more this holiday. Merry Christmas!

  8. My dear Victoria,

    Happy New Year. Hope all is well with you. Everything is fine with me. The month, January has been incredibly wet and windy in Scotland. But it doesn't stop me from doing things I love, reading, writing, cooking and indoor pastimes. I'm thinking of you.

    Best wishes, ASD

  9. The chairs are simply awesome. Perfect chair for relaxing. Thanks for sharing
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