Monday, November 8, 2010

Kitchen improvement

My kitchen has not made it to the top of our many renovation projects. But I felt it could be a little better then it has been for quite some time. Over the last year things have gotten worse and eventually I could not see the gaping hole under the sink and the always messy open shelves.

This is before:
Counter top mess, open shelves mess....

The 'desk', files with school papers and important phone orderly stored in my IPhone! And in a file called 'home' in the first drawer to the left!!!

Eventually I will get a new kitchen, but for now I have a good feeling and it does not bother me that much that I have a vintage stove and perhaps the smallest fully functioning kitchen in the neighborhood....No, now I am rather proud of it!(OK, somewhat)

And this is after!

It needed strict editing, sorting and cleaning to come up with a pleasing solution. The things I use the most needed to be within reach, others made it out of the kitchen altogether.

I made these curtains out of painter's drop cloth. I washed the material before sewing, to have no shrinking later, measured and mounted them under the counters. A little tricky, but it works...

I eliminated the 'desk', which never satisfied my craving for some control and I am now much happier with my small display of coffee and tea pots, all whats left is the phone and my IPhone charger....

I even set up a small counter top light, which in the evening casts a friendly shine through my kitchen and into the family room.

Looking much better now from where I see my kitchen when I sit on my desk and write my posts....

Have you managed a small home improvement with a huge impact on your well being???
I certainly did!


  1. One way I love to edit, is to take everything out and start fresh! You did a great job! I love how your after looks!

  2. Looks great. I love the stainless accessories.
    Your "counterscape" with lamp is warm and inviting. Details on that wonderful rug??

  3. Patricia, thanks, you know how I feel about this kitchen and now it's so much nicer...
    Barbara, I bought this plastic rug a few years ago in a small shop, now out of business in a nearby town. You can find them online at places like that one:! They come in different colors and it's ideal for a kitchen or hallway.

  4. i think your kitchen is very cute and those curtains you put up to cover the open shelves!


  5. I love your carpet. "This way out" sign is so quirky!! You definitely have got an artistic eye!

  6. This looks really cute - i love where you added those linen skirts!!! sooooo cute!!!!!!!

    hope all is well with you.

  7. You did a very good transformation there...

    The candelabra is gorgeous in there.

  8. Miles of Style: Thanks for your sweet comment, those curtains make a huge difference.
    ASD: Thank you! Now I could change that sign...
    Joni: I knew you would love them : ) !
    Ann: I am so happy with the changes!

  9. You really have waved your magic wand here perfectly Victoria - all the little touches have really made it so much more functional.
    Millie ^_^

  10. Oh, Millie, thank you! It was so overdue and I am so pleased with the result.
    Actually after a week of having this new set up, it works well and the curtains are not at all awkward, what I was fearing they might. Easy to use!
    And I do not miss the messy 'desk' at all....

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