Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rug love

Found here.

I am wild about rugs. All styles, Oriental, Turkish, modern. But my passion are Kilims. I adore them on the floor, but I love them even more on sofas, chairs, cushions or draped artfully over tables.

I spotted this today over at Belgian Pearls.
This always reminds me of classic paintings from a time where rugs where rare, expensive and a status symbol.
" During the 17th century the worldwide trading empires of the great Dutch merchants brought exotic luxuries from the East and Far East. Owning such curious rarities was a sign of wealth, national pride, and a declaration of alliance with the rational and scientific breeze blowing through Europe from the North. This homage to Dutch still life paintings In their Golden Age by the artist includes shells from the tropics and an antique rug from the Caucasus." Quote from below.


By Christian Berentz.

Seen at Tea and Carpets, a great and informative blog about, well: carpets.

Today this has changed to a point, of course carpets and rugs are widely available, but great ones are still expensive.
Much has been written about gorgeous carpets and I will not take on a history of rugs. But I have a passion for lovely colors, patterns and love to incorporate them in my design whenever possible.

I like kilims for their softer, easier to drape quality. They are also more vulnerable, since they have no pile.

By Holbein.

By Hans Memling.

The cover of one of last year's Veranda Magazine was graced with this incredible Aubusson carpet. Draped over a dining table.

Image via Cote de Texas.

I found wonderful examples of kilims for upholstery. An absolutely timeless and classic look.
This Victorian chaise reminds me of Oscar Wilde's extravagant style.

Via Tribal Home.

Georg Smith sofas and arm chair.

Via The state of things.

After I wrote this post today I pulled the latest House Beautiful from the mailbox. I had to smile since the new trends to watch for 2011 are atmospheric, traditional, artisanal, tribal, handmade, theatrical, glam, looking back for inspiration...
Kilims fit the bill beautifully!


  1. They are stunning used as drapes! I love the images you have gathered.
    Magic carpets~

  2. I adore Kilims. They really do give a room a special, old world elegance when draped over tables and sofas. Gorgeous images, all!


  3. That table draped is really my favorite of all time...
    From House Beautiful re:Trends it sounds as if they have it ALL covered,
    anything will go...just how it's put together!

  4. I have a very beautiful but very faded and very small Kilim rug in my hallway which could probably do with a clean...
    and I did have kilim cushions on my sofa but everyone complained that they were too 'scratchy'! But they were gorgeous!

  5. PVE: Thank you , Patricia! Magic carpets, I agree...
    Hill House Ramblings: Thank you too, I draped a simple carpet over one of my side boards at home and it looks immediacy glamorous in a bohemian sort of way...
    Concrete Jungle: I absolutely agree. After reading the issue last night from front to end I felt why not just say everything goes? Certainly this is how it feels. This is rather good news, since I have an issue with fads and people's tendencies to have the need to make over their homes after a year or so to be up to date... As Newell Turner said: "Trends... leave me feeling less gullible victim and more a part of the fascinating evolution of design."
    And yet, I still feel even trends tend to come faster and faster....
    Lois: I had to laugh, because this is the same in my house. I use them as back pillows on my couch and have smaller softer ones in front. So all are happy!

  6. The rugs are beautiful! I can't blame you for the love! Have a lovely weekend ahead, Kellie xx

  7. Good morning dear blogger! Oh everything you show here is just magnificent. I enjoy seeing more of Belgian Pearls these days; your taste is refined and wonderful and I thank you so much for your kind words about my blog post! It is such a stress reliever to create our thoughts and passions, isn't it? And to meet the kindest people along the way. I have stored up a wealth of ideas for my decorating and THANK YOU for these ideas on rugs! I have a new addition in progress and out here in Minnesota, we need as many warm rugs as we can get. Enjoy a wonderful week of celebrations and do come back again!!! Anita

  8. Hi! I am loving the way your blog is set up. What did you use to get the headings and do you have any recommendations? I want to keep is simple but want to add categories next year. Any help would be appreciated. Please feel free to e mail me at


  9. Oh, I adore kilims too! I really love them in sofas and pillows, but kilim is definitely my favorite rug! XX!

  10. Hi Victoria,
    First of all I want to thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!! So wonderful to hear that you know Belgium so well!
    And I have to say that this post of you about Kelims is stunning! I so love kelims! They have such a beautiful colors and patterns!
    Victoria, I have so little time to read all the blogs I wanted to but maybe now I can subscribe to your blog so that I will not miss any of your posts anymore!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!!

  11. I have my feet up on a huge kilim 'ottoman' (doubles as a guest bed!) that we picked up at Lillian August last year. I love it! Cover me in kilim I say!

  12. Beautiful post. A lot of hard work has gone into this. You have got a very keen pair of observant eyes. I love the paintings from Northern Renaissance...especially Hans Memling is one of my favourites.

  13. Hi! Thanks for sharing this great design! My wife and I are planning to purchase a new carpet to be put in our living room too. One of our rugs we bought in Europe got some serious stains, though. We needed to contact a carpet cleaner (Portsmouth based) 'coz we can no longer handle the damage. There are lots of carpet cleaning Portsmouth based services here in Virginia, but we decided to just call the one that my bro referred. Anyway, we're looking for some classic designs. Any idea where we could find good deals?


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