Monday, November 22, 2010

Victoria's holiday bazaar

May I invite you to a holiday bazaar, filled with culinary and other inspirations? The holidays approaching fast and I guess I am somewhat late with this, but perhaps not all of you have completed their shopping's - some might just starting to look....

This is a very special charmer....from kimarijewelry
How about this blue black jade bracelet at lylaaccessories.

Flights of feather fancy! Clutch purse from mermaidsdream.

Get the mint swirl copper lampwork earrings at dkjewels.

Do you know an art lover who will appreciate The Maiden Voyage from janethillstudio?

One of these sweet cuties for a cuddly toddler from minu?

Telling time could be 'felt' evgie!

Or perhaps a doll for a little boy? Get him one at the hazeldoll shop!

This oil lamp will brighten the darkest night.... from StudioKahn!

And I adore those monogrammed pillows from organicblankees.

And while we are still at home accessories, how about these charming bookends via nextdoortoheaven?

And I am sure someone can find a lovely spot for this stylish bench from ljindustries.

And what about this sparkler from bambina?

Any guy will like this cool duffel bag from RAGGEDedgeGear.

And I love this pad for a man's desk. From doneleather.

And speaking of guys, how about that? From kaylim.

And I know at least one girl who would love to wear these glasses...from Estemporary!

Or maybe this cool dress from here.

Baby, it's cold out there. Warm up and get this poncho at sandmaiden.

And this lovely clutch is on my Santa list... from opellecreative!

And last but not least my German heritage gets the better of me: For the holidays do try Dresden Christmas Stollen! You can
get one here!
It's a wonderful tradition, eaten with coffee in the afternoon or a slice warmed for breakfast!

Of course sugar cookies and Nuernberger Oblaten belong to that tradition as well! You could get them at the German Deli.

And these cookies were made by Twosoutherngirls. Or you could bake some yourself....

And if you need to send some lovely cards out - Soulflower has great stuff. Tea towels too and more!

A long walk through this bazaar? Well, yes, but I hope you found something for everyone on your list!!!


PS: As with many items on Etsy, many are one of a kind and might be gone fast...

Top image via google image, all others as noted.


  1. Oh, so many lovely things to choose from. Those bookends are so fun. Love the monogrammed pillows...and of course the cookies!


  2. Great feature your taste! Your first picture....gorgeous! I'm going to miss the German Christmas Markets so much this year. I love all the fun Christmas gifts I bought last year and the yummy treats! Especially the warm wine. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


    Your dear comment has blessed my art, my heart and my mind! I would so love to meet a person like you who UNDERSTANDS and celebrates with such beauty as yourself. WOOOOO, this list and array of fabulous items is getting me excited to at least WINDOW SHOP for the holidays and get ideas. I so love to be inspired and move on to tweak and decorate, create and dream. Yes, I have to say that all the education, art exposure and relationships that WE ALL HAVE HAD lend themselves to developing who we are and what we give away. May this holiday season be a fun adventure for you and a memorable one. I am so glad to have found you and from my pas experience with blogging, the Christmas season is one of great joy, sharing each other's wishes and ideas and warm care.

    Enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving and I am grateful for kindred spirits such as you!


  4. Wonderful & inspiring ideas.. wow!
    This is my first time here and I can feel I'm in the right place. I love your post, your blog. It's really well done!

    I've just started a new blog, and if you can drop by to take a look and let me know what you think, it would be great!

    I hope to see you there,


    Luciane at

  5. me likes the sparkly pillow...and SURPRISE there are my cards...thanks for sharing my are too too kind!

  6. Hill House Ramblings: Thank you, I am partial to the bookends, aren't they so romantic? Also I love your blog name. I an picture it....
    Dear Frau, i am glad you have some good memories fromyour years in Germany! Happy Holidays!
    Anita, my friend, you are welcome! Happy Thanksgiving, talk to you soon!
    Luciane, what kind words! I appreciate it, your site is gorgeous and I sure you are off to a great blogging time!
    Shellie: You work is so pretty...I am sure many will like it! Happy holidays!

  7. Fabulous bazaar, I liked each one more than the last! LOVE that sequin pillow! Happy Thanksgiving! XX!


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