Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

What does it mean to be a mother? 

To give them roots and wings.
To shelter them from harm.
To make them a priority from the first day you know they are on their way.
To be there for them most of the time. Mentally anyway.


To love them, no matter what.
To think about their needs before your own.
To give birth to them.
To dry their tears and talk away their fears.
To wake up at all times to feed them, drive them, comfort them.
To teach them right from wrong.
To take care of them.

Mary Cassat

To want them near you, although you know they must go away....
To support their plans, confidence, progress or the lack of it.
To make them self sufficient.
To go through the horrors of loosing them. Through sickness or violence.


To get them ready to leave the nest.
To do it all with an open heart, mind and wallet.
To bask in their approval.
To help when they need it.


And to stay away when they want it.
To see their pains even when they not talk.
To kiss them.
To feel their hair and skin.
To kiss little faces and feet.
To listen to them!
To enjoy it all!

It is wonderful to be a mother, to be at the mother to my children, who all four in their own ways bring me endless joy and make my life what it is: Filled with love for them!  And meaning and hope for their futures and their well being. Forever yours! I love you more then I can put it into words...

And being a daughter, I send my MOTHER kisses and wishes for a wonderful day, I can't think my life without you! Can't wait to have you here soon!
And to my mother-in-law, who is the sweetest and most darling MOM I could have wished for!


This is to all you, fellow mothers, motherly friends and mother's to be! 
Let's celebrate us! 


Images as indicated, tree picture my own.


  1. A very Happy Mother's Day, Victoria! We, over here, celebrated a few weeks ago.

  2. Victoria,
    You have so eloquently put words and images to mind on this Mother's day. Just when I was feeling a bit down-trodden by the role of being a Mother and the somewhat thankless job, you made me feel elevated to status of a Queen! Perhaps every phase has a stage and one must look ahead to know that the nest we gather will always be here for when they take flight.
    Wishing you a Happy Mother's day full of love, great reward, knowing that you are an incredible Mama and friend to many.

  3. Just one thing to say: I Love your post!!!!! The weather today was sooooo nice, my kids did breakfast this morning....on the table a little vase with some flowers from the garden and on my plate.... little handmade treasures from my kids.......isn´t life wonderful;)
    Sending big hugs...*Marie*

  4. soo beautifully said. you are for sure a wonderful mom! happy mother's day from me as well. love you <3

  5. Victoria, beautiful post...very inspiring. Happy Mothers Day. Linda

  6. Victoria glorious words of Motherhood!!

    Thank you and Happy Mothers Day!


    Art by Karena

  7. Its such a beautiful, heartfelt post. I'm very close to my mother and I can understand these words. I hope the children at home are reading this and giving you a nice breakfast in bed.

  8. Your are all so sweet with your comments! Thank you!
    Indeed, I had a great day, a festive lunch with my family and a relaxing afternoon in the garden. I got to plant a little more and this is very much how I love to spend time!


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