Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The reveal: Project walkway before and after

Drum roll please!!!
The day has finally arrived: The project walkway  is done and the result looks better then I could have imagined!
Remember the old path?

And the former front door and shutters?

I planned ahead and made sketches: I designed the layout, the columns, the colors, hardware and landscape. As you can imagine a lot of work went into details! Surprisingly there was little what had to be adjusted as we worked along.

And here is what it looks now!

The grass will be sprouting in a few days and with tender loving care grow strong and beautiful!

It looks so fresh! Gardens in May are so splendid!
The mail box will be hung Friday and so will the house number!

Earlier yesterday the landscaping crew re- did our lawn and 
planted some greenery we had selected previously.

These two bushes survived the demolition and were successfully transplanted.

One more shot at night:



We are very happy with it all! Hurrah for a new house front and walkway!
This morning it's raining and I have never welcomed rain more then today: The grass seeds need water!!!
A big thank you to the crews who worked hard to make it so beautiful: The stone masons, the painters, other contractors and the landscape guys.


All images by V.Zlotkowski

Do not use any images without permission. Copyright 2011.


  1. Looks fab, and now you have to do a new roof (smile)...every project leads to another right! Seeing it in person was such fun...I nearly drove right by.

  2. Wow! Looks great! Love the blue just looks like your sketch!

  3. Omg.......I love it! It's gorgeous! Everything turned out amazing! Love the blue shutters and door! Wow you did a great job!

  4. It looks beautiful! I love the landscape design, and the shade of blue is perfect.

  5. Patricia: Thank you! A new roof will come in autumn.
    True: It never ends: There are many more project which need to be tackled in time!
    Lois: I am very happy with the outcome, it was a lot of work. And not too many frustrations along the way!
    Frau: Thank you so much! Maybe I should add this to my resume!
    Purple flowers: I fretted the most about the blue. It's so hard to pick it on a small sample and even after a tryout I was at first not sure. It is very bright! But It works beautifully with the rest!

  6. Love the transformation! You should be so proud and pleased with the end result. It's just beautiful!

  7. Your home looks so much more put together with great curb appeal! I love to see how you just dived into the project and now it is done for you to enjoy! I love the new walkway it is so pretty and elegant. I am always watching the curb appeal shows and cannot believe how they improve a home with some simple changes (although a lot of work). So glad you shared!

  8. Congratulations must be so happy, the changes are wonderful....xv

  9. Victoria ... gorgeous, gorgeous and perfect! Well done ... it looks amazing!
    I am so happy for you!

  10. Congratulations on a dream well manifested. Envy in some ways the burly boys who made this happen. I terraced our hilly front yard, including building stone steps by myself. It took me TEN years!!!!! There is a certain mathematical insistence on building stairs that collides with the persistence of nature not always making building materials even. It was a battle to the top. Enjoy your soft rain and the hope of your new grass and most of all enjoy the beauty you created in your mind that welcomes you every day.

  11. It´s a great and beautifull change.
    nice weekend

  12. your walkway looks fabulous! really admire your foresight and the way the entire project turned out!!


    p.s new giveaway contest on my blog:

  13. Victoria the walkway is fabulous and your sketches are amazing! You have done such a beautiful job ... congratulations!

  14. Fantastic. a vision realized nothing better or more rewarding.pgt


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