Saturday, April 30, 2011

Don't bug me!

Sometimes I stumble upon strange designs which reveal some relations to wildlife...

Looking at that chair I was uncomfortably reminded of a bug or perhaps a chair of medieval torture quality...

I hope you are all sitting comfortably!
Happy weekend!


Images as indicated and last one via google image.


  1. Teeeheeee! Now who, WHO in their right mind would BUY this chair?

    DEAREST, THANK YOU FOR COMING OVER to the faery tale department! AND WASN'T THAT A FABULOUS ceremony? I loved the Archbishop of Canterbury! He was so personable and had zest. I also loved that YOU wore tiaras and drank champagne! I worked all day and I was invited to a SKYPE party with my dear blogger friend Violet, who hosted a tea party. Everyone wore tiaras and I MISSED IT!

    This summer, I want to have another party and wear a crown!!!!

    Enjoy your weekend dear, Anita

  2. I love the connection you make - what an interesting chair - but it would bug me...

  3. oh my it actually does look like a bug now that you've said it! very interesting piece of furniture i must say.


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