Monday, April 4, 2011

Sitting pretty

Two weeks ago we attended an auction for garden furniture. Wonderful teak sets were
offered and after a little consideration about the state of affairs currently on our deck we decided it was time to raise a paddle.  The old table was too small and we have lost already two chairs to the years and the impact of the climate. And the climbing acrobatics of our children...We moved what is left of it to the side patio, for the teens to hang out a little away from prying parental eyes....

The old table, bench and chairs:

We were there early and lucky, the rain had kept a lot of potential buyers at home and we did get the set we had singled out before. For an incredible deal... $900! These go easily for $4,000 when new. Because these sets had stood through one winter season at the dealer's yard, they were incredibly reduced!
Table and chairs would have stayed out here as well, so it did not bother us the least! On the contrary, they had already acquired a lovely silver patina!
Yesterday it arrived on our deck. There is nothing more exciting then to drive a van with dad for a boy of a certain age...

The table seats eight easily, ten with a little tweaking and we are very happy. So many summers we have spend on this deck already, eating, drinking, talking and dreaming. Family and friends from near and far have graced us with their presence and now we have even more spots around the table!

It still looks a little gray out there! I will select cushions and pillows in the coming days. 

It is such fun to anticipate the pleasures of the next season, where many hours of the day will be spend there!
Since we moved into our house 11 years ago, we have used this deck and garden as an additional outdoor room from April through October. My lovely father - in - law has maintained our deck and furniture since we moved in. With his help this table and chairs will look like new for many years to come! I am sure! : )))
For us the arrival of our new table has opened the spring season!
And although I often wish to be in...

For a long time now I will be happy to just travel to our back yard!
Last night my husband and I went outside late at night, admiring the beauty of it and thinking how fortunate we are and grateful for all we have achieved together! Like little children we danced around the table and had a little Thanksgiving in the beginning of April!


All images by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Victoria! Lucky you, what a great price and the set is very pretty. Just in time for nicer weather..hopefully! I have never went to an auction and one day I will give it a try. I know you can get caught up in the moment and spend, spend!

    By the way, I watched the last season (4) of Lark Rise to Candleford on youtube. Cannot believe that is it! Only 6 episodes! Oh well, there is going to be a new Upstairs Downstairs airing on PBS this spring! Yeah!

    Have a great day~

  2. Your outdoor space looks good already,
    I know you'll find the right pattern for the pillows. Do share pics after you finished the changes/additions to your backyard. Oh and that table really is a bargain ♥

    Love your blog, I've decided to follow you:)

  3. that looks realliy pretty - wow - you have a view!!!!! you are so lucky. I have no view, no backyard, just a courtyard. so many years, I have longed to just look OUT on anything!!! hehe. count your blessings. the pillows will really add some color, but don't spend a lot of money - even if they are outside fabrics, they don't last long, they fade and mildew, no matter what. so just don't spend a lot on them. ok? promise me!!!!!! :0)

  4. Wow, great find! I agree with Joni, cushions that are waterproof or that are easily removed are best. I know you will add your special touch and show us your table this summer. Congratulations on your finds!


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