Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday afternoon in the Garden

The Botanical Garden holds magical powers over us! When the first sun comes out we are thinking of visiting this lovely place! Armed with my camera I delight in the artistry of the designs, the colors, scents and the atmosphere!

Orchid Show 2011
We caught the last day of the Orchid exhibition, something we pretty much never miss and have observed for many years!

These pictures were taken by my son.
But although these Orchids are magnificent, this year I actually enjoyed the fresh beds and fierce budding flowers - tulips and narcissus - and the flowering trees much more.
There is something youthful and strong, yet innocent to these first emerging buds. 

An abundance I enjoy watching.
The colors are so beautiful and every time I leave from there I am so inspired for my own little outdoor space.

The air was richly perfumed with  spring scents, moist soil and the fresh green grass made people playful and we enjoyed the magical blossoms.

I took so many pictures, as always, it is hard to select the ones I like best to show you.
So there are a few more! 

Have a great week ahead!
We are back to finally finishing our major outdoor project at home. It's looking good so far! Soon more about it!


PS: I want to encourage you to check out my other blog part: House and Living! There you'll find inspiration for books, movies and more.

All pictures by V. and T. Zlotkowski and subject to copyright. Please ask permission before use.


  1. Looks gorgeous and warm and sunny...! Have a lovely holiday break x

  2. You have inspired me to go there and sketch one day. I forget how close we are to a slice of botanical heaven.
    Love your images.

  3. we also took our time to "design our outdoor space" over the weekend. got a load of new plants for the balcony! it's all so green now i can hardly believe it. never had so many flowers in my entire life : )
    we also have to orchids inside our apartment. you'll see it all soon as you guys come to berlin!
    btw i love your photos (as usual) and am glad to have a sec to check out all those beautiful posts you got here...
    love, e

  4. The photos are so beautiful... I need to go visit the BG once more. It's been way too long :) I think we went there many years ago together, right?
    I am glad you had a good weekend! Talk soon. Love, A. :)


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