Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekend settings

On weekends I try to relax and lately I use the time in the morning to have a quiet breakfast, while my children are still sleeping in and my hubby is long gone to play soccer - very early in the morning!
I read the paper: This morning's New York Times Style magazine is a sheer indulgence in spring fresh interiors!

I answer a couple of e-mails, and indulge in a breakfast I usually do not eat:

Buttermilk scones with jam and a cappuccino!

While browsing blogs I have not seen before, a wonderful past time of mine, I found a few things I would want to share with you!
I fell instantly for this look!
For I was not yet permitted to use the image, I would encourage you to have a peak at the
Jak & Jil blog!
Also I enjoyed a reading at Live.Like.You. A fabulous design firm and a great blog!

My friend Patricia from over at PVE recommended her site to me and I am enchanted! Thank you!

While browsing I found Reggie Darling's blog, so enjoying his smart and dedicated posts and fabulous observations! Just read it!


I smiled at the wonderful images from My French Country Home ...She has treasures on her hands!


...and was only too happy to stop by at The House Of Beauty And Culture

Image Margaret, Duchess of Argyll (1912-1993) via HOBAC.

I dreamed a little with Zaire from over at Little Emma English House! Her blog is just lovely!


And of course I did a little tour of my most frequently visited blogs on my hotlist...

Good morning, you all!
The sun shines so bright and promising through our windows, foretelling a lovely day! 
I wish all of you a de-lightful weekend!


Breakfast image by V.Zlotkowski, all others as indicated.


  1. Hi There Victoria

    Thank you for much for including me in your 'just found' list, I'm so glad you like my blog, and now I've found yours too!
    have a great weekend

  2. Victoria .... beautiful pictures and I love all the different coloured chairs around the dining room table! I have found Sharon at French Country House and her blog is gorgeous. I have also bought some beautiful monogrammed pillowcases from her. Beautiful post and the scone and coffee looks so yummy!

    Happy Sunday dear friend!

  3. Sounds like you and I do pretty much the same thing: It's Sunday morning, all are asleep, I'm reading your blog and my coffee is getting cold! Off to have a look at these new blogs. Have a great, what's left of, the weekend.

  4. Good morning gorgeous!

    Oh how I love the is full of pleasures especially in the quiet while the loved ones are sleeping! BLOGGING IS MY FAVORITE THING TO DO, then read, exercise, and DREAM....thank you for coming to visit with me! AND YOUR DEAR DAUGHTER HAS A BIRTHDAY THIS MONTH? What a fab time of year for celebration. I hope your part of the US is starting to bud; we still have no proof of spring other than some bunnies who are starting to HOP ABOUT!!!

    Have another one of those yummy scones for me!!! Anita

  5. Hello! What a perfectly lovely post! I adore not only your breakfast, but the style section as well as some of these blogs that you have mentioned...the rest I will have to check out! Thanks!

  6. My dear, I love mornings like these. Softly delicate lilac time while one steps gracefully into the day. My breakfast includes Ceylon tea, organe juice, English crumpets and Clementine oranges.

  7. Sharon, I am so glad to have found your blog! So inspiring and filled with beauty!
    Francis: I almost new you would have discovered her already, but thought of you when I saw it!
    Lois: Isn't this the fun part when you have older children? These teens cannot be woken before 11 AM....YEAH!
    Sue, so good to see you here! Hope you like them!
    Dear G., Hmmm, this sounds so good! I love this: Stepping gracefully into the day!

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