Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

What a wonderful time Easter represents. At the beginning of spring it brings hope and renewal. We love the tradition of the Easter bunny and the seeking of filled eggs in the garden. When the children were little we had utmost fun letting them out after the morning dew had dried up and seek for chocolate eggs and small gift hidden in bushes, covered with the first green. And we still do it to this year!
We are delighting in the festive feel of this Sunday. 

New energies are flowing and especially this year begins for us  literally with new steps ahead. (See below)

Happy Easter!
Hope, peace and renewal to you all!

PS: I had to restrain myself from showing you the progress we have been making on our walk way. It is all laid out, the steps are in and only the bad weather of this weekend has stopped the workers from getting it all done. So we have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to get the finishing touches in place!
Unfortunately they send us the wrong mailbox,  so that has to wait as well...
And then I will show you the results!


All images by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Happy Easter!!! And happy new walkway!!
    xo J~

  2. GOOD MORNING DEAREST VICTORIA! Oh the bunnies are so darling. One wild rabbit came to my door yesterday and was grooming himself. He stared at me, I stared at him. It was as if he was coming to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADAME! And then he hopped away, totally groomed and ready for today!

    HAVE A LOVELY WEEK and do show us your walkway when you are ready!!! Anita

  3. I am loving it. You need to show me some fotos of the finished walkway :)


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