Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another before and after: Home office makeover

A thin layer of fine stone dust has settled all over in the house. We have gotten a new walkway and it is almost done. It sounds like it has been going on forever, but the weather has delayed so much including today, where we were hoping to be finished!
Alas, we still wait for the outdoor lights to be installed and on Monday we will be getting the new soil and grass seeded for our lawn, which has suffered to the point of no repair from cement mixing and stone cutting.

First glimpse!

But there has been done so much, we are not complaining!

And since there was a lot of dirt in the house I decided to surprise my husband by refreshing his office, which is housed in the actual sun room. It has a fire place and lots of windows, wood paneling and is a typical small afterthought build in the 50's!
By that I mean it has virtually no insulation, which makes it super hot in the summer and cold in the winter...Yes, there is heat, but barely! But my husband has an indestructible constitution and holds up day in day out!

I started with a clean out and prepping. Covered all his papers, which I am not allowed to touch and began merrily with the ceiling. To my utter surprise one coat of ceiling white covered the dirtiest corners at once.

The fireplace surround has been the typical brick used in so many of the houses of that era. It had to go. Two layers of Behr's semi gloss primer and paint in one did the job perfectly!

I painted it white, like all the trim and wooden shelves and it looked suddenly wonderful...
Then on to the walls, they've gotten a neutral Sandy Beach by Behr and then I managed the trim and shelves. 24 hours later I was done, exhausted, but happy with the results.

I couldn't resist a little girly touch...

Now all that's left to do is fill in the shelves with all that stuff....

When hubby returned yesterday from his business trip he was all in awe and did not wanted to leave his office, because he loves it so!
That is something, right?


All images by V.Zlotkowski


  1. It's awesome. I so love it. And I really like your spirit - there's always something going on! love, L.

  2. Just when one project is nearly complete, you have another one up your sleeve! Atta gal. I love the freshness of fresh paint and surprises too.

  3. I wish I had half your energy so that I could get the sanding of the floors in the remaining rooms in our house (which we started last year) finished!


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