Sunday, April 17, 2011

A good thing

Having books almost everywhere in our house it was time to find additional shelf space. Best without any extra costs! Remember, we just spending a little fortune on our walk way!

Particularly my design books are everywhere. I have them on my side table, desk and bookshelves, under the bed, under my desk, on the floor. Too scattered and unorganized.
After my son gave up one of the shelves in his room to make space for a larger bed I took it over! 
And although the family room is not big I think it fits quite well in my work area! Upright in his room I tipped it on its side and voila! Instant sideboard/bookshelf!

I really love it!

Wishing you all a sweet (vacation) week, filled with good things!


Pictures byV.Zlotkowski


  1. It looks to be a very creative spot now,inspiration close at hand!

  2. perfect, is that an ikea shelf? love it on it's side.

  3. Yes, inspiration at hand and yes, IKEA shelf!
    : )))


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