Friday, April 8, 2011

Fourteen today

To turn 14 is an important milestone! It is the coming of age moment, the final move from childhood to young adulthood.
Our daughter has stepped into this with grace and beauty! Inside and out. She is a lively and happy young woman, a true people's person, an engaging and captivating friend, kind to creatures and more and more into learning and working towards HER own future. 
Being around her is such fun!  
She delights us and she radiates joie de vivre!

Here is to our girl! Happy Birthday!
And her party will be just like this: Surrounded by all her friends and family, dancing the night away!

We love you!

Mama, Papa and the gang!

All images private.


  1. A very happy day to the beautiful birthday girl! Have a wonderful time celebrating.

  2. Grace and beauty indeed (she must take after her mum :) What a charming birthday girl. I hope you all had a great party. Have a lovely weekend xxx

  3. Thank you all! The party is yet to come...
    Have a great weekend!


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