Friday, May 6, 2011

Sunny Friday and the mood of adventure

It's Friday, the sun is shining and what's not to love? We have been doing a lot around the house and I have pretty much neglected any other good design elsewhere...
But it hasn't gotten unnoticed by me either! Yesterday I had time to browse some of my favorite shelter magazines and I found so many things I love, that I had a hard time looking through one. Do you get this feeling sometimes? You see so many wonderful things that you go into an excited overdrive? I can not explain it any better! It is so stimulating, that I have to stop for a while, because I needed to think!

Want to follow me along?

First I checked Livingetc, a magazine I regularly read. The happy colors, bohemian mixture and of course this knotty lamp drew me in!

I love all the colors of India, the patterns and combinations, LOVE!

Another fun lamp.Oversized and humorous!And I love the pillow too! Lot's of ideas to steal!

Then I was amused as within five pages of the same magazine two stylings appeared, which are pretty much identical: Small stool piled high with books? OK! It would not fly in my house. Someone would clearly knock it over or ruin the carefully stocked pile....
But the kitchen is fantastic...

And these articles were not related...

I love this happy vibe! Great sofa, all white surrounds get me every time! It's so summery! The large window almost feels like an artwork!

The homeowners clearly loves green! Me too! And the red wall! It's perfect!

I'd  like a big sky behind my couch!

Isn't this bed just so inviting? Fluffy white sheets, Bamboo frame, wood paneling, amazing chandelier and those riding boot! Love the entire ambiance!

On to the next: House &Garden, there were again a lot of beautiful pages to digest!
More elegance to be sure, but French classic design is always a hit with me!

So pretty and such beautiful finishes, colors and artwork! 
I do love this careful selection!
I adore this breakfast room. After my own heart! The striped rug, the contrasting quilted table cloth, the layering, the blue and white chinoiserie, the paintings.... Oh, the Southern charm!

Look at the loveliness of this bedroom! A wonderful antique Kelim anchors the room, setting the color scheme and mood!

I think I have to leave it at that! And I haven't even began to tell you about the amazing spread on Iris Apfel in the new AD magazine, or the lovely pages I turned admiring India Hick's island home. It has been endlessly good and entertaining. So may this post serve you as an inspiration!
Do take some time out this weekend and get inspired like I did and contemplate some changes which reflect your mood of adventure!

Have a happy weekend!


PS: Sorry I still have some sizing issues with the images!

All images via Livingetc and House & Garden!


  1. For someone who can never makes decisions and gets overwhelmed in the supermarket even though I always buy the same thing, the different styles and choice just in this post have sent my head in a spin. How do you choose? I think I would need to lie down while reading those magazines. Have a good weekend x

  2. i love the india blooms. i cant get enough of colors and intricate patterns.

  3. Your post made me laugh out loud...I too get overwhelmed when I am looking through my giant stack of magazines. I just tear the pages out and keep them in giant folders thinking "I gonna do that someday....somewhere". Wish I had a bigger Linda

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  5. Lois, I feel a little like you! Overwhelmed by too many choices. But I have learned over the years to skip/read magazines, I can't read them cover to cover! Things that interest me spring at me usually, the rest get's rather overlooked....
    AD for example is not one of the magazines I totally love, because they have usually very posh designs, worlds apart from my own and I see them, but with some weariness. Last one was exceptionally close to my own style.
    I am open minded and try to see much. Just to know. In my field the changes are often not so visible at first!
    Shellie: Me too! I wish one day I could travel there and bring back lot's of fabrics! India fascinates me! And so does China, Mongolia, Indonesia, Japan, Morocco, Egypt... you get the picture! : )
    Linda: I have to laugh myself because it's my profession and I always try to limit my reading material and my hoarding. Things are in flux and I try to move along...But it's not easy! I like to remember things and I am so very visual!
    Just my brain is not up to the challenge.....

  6. Victoria ... I know what you mean! Sometimes you just have to sit back and think and process it all as you just go into overdrive with ideas.

    Happy Mother's Day
    ps love your path and have left a comment!

  7. Thank you Frances! I have seen your lovely comment! We had our daughter's 14 th birthday party and I was too absorbed to look at the blog!
    I appreciate it very much, that you take the time to read over here...
    And a happy Mother's day to you too!



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