Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Berlin is bright and sunny, cold but welcoming as always. I spend time with the "kids"
and we have been roaming throughout the city. We watched a few really good movies at the Berlin Film Festival, which ended last Sunday and there are still enough days left so I do not feel the end of the journey coming. Not yet!

Entrance Chamber of Trade

Church in Berlin Mitte

Winter street scene

Berlin - Mitte

Berlinale Film Palace

Chocolate tower

Near Potsdamer Platz

Snow and orchids

Near Potsdamer Platz

Girls just wanna have fun...

We are having fun!

Images all private. Copyright 2012.


  1. Very pretty pictures of Berlin. Glad to hear you've been seeing films and spending time with your children in Berlin. Yes. It's always colder in Berlin, I find. xx

  2. Hi Victoria

    Oh enjoy every second and moment of being in Berlin. (it has been many years since I have visited) How great you are catching the film festival and having fun.

    Looking forward to more news


  3. Hello Victoria,
    Return home safely and I look forward to a walk or meeting for a coffee or a bite and to hear all about your trip and time in Berlin with your sons.


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