Monday, February 13, 2012

Van Gogh and Hudson, NY

A weekend skiing trip for the family left me with time on my hands! I m not a skier. Valuable time to go to Hudson, NY across the river, window shopping, hunting for ideas, fresh inspirations and tea for one at my favorite tea shop in town, Verdigris!

This small town makes me feel good anytime I am there! It has gotten all the right attributes:
Understated, artistic, not overdone, great selection of shops for foodies, a lively selection of antique and design stores and diverse art galleries and studios. The town has a striking opera house! The last one of its kind. All this you will find in about roughly two square miles and with the charm of a quiet 19th century town.
It was a very cold and blustery day, so I was happy to slip into my favorite places....
Like LiliandLoo...

Just a few steps away is Shop 12, a sheer treasure trove. The not so large establishment carries exquisite antiques and vintage pieces. 

From the old pair of boots to a beautifully carved 15th century French angel I found most amazing things:

Delicate tables with more delicate jewelry

Mirrors, metal furniture and antlers...

Shadow play

China and a glass dome

Artwork on a lovely settee

A glorious chandelier

Mirror and vintage dress

Little precious somethings under glass

And a flowery plate

The friendly shop keeper, Anne McInnis let me browse and I took pictures to my heart's delight!
After a while I felt like this and needed nourishment!

Ladies in waiting at Shop 12
I took a pit stop at the earthy Swallow Bakery, where not only the coffee was very good, but also the delicious Quinoa bread, which I bought for the hungry at home. 
After this I returned to fetch my family in Hunter, a picturesque 50 minute drive from Hudson-on-Hudson.

Later that night, hours after I had taken the photo of the boots and worked around with Instagram, I suddenly remembered a painting by Vincent van Gogh, he had painted his boots, very  much like this pair and I was stunned by the similarities....

My original photograph
Playing with Instagram

VvG 1887 My boots.

VvG 1886 Boots

Life creates art and art creates life! This is how I feel!
Maybe, I had this image deeply buried in my memory when I saw the boots and took the picture....
A simple association through a pair of boots, lying on the floor! This time remembering Vincent, my Dutch hero!
The wondrous works of the mind!

There was more, another great shop, which I'll show you tomorrow!
If you ever happen to come close to this lovely town Hudson, NY, do not hesitate to visit! It's so worth it!

All images by V.Zlotkowski and as indicated. Copyright 2012


  1. I shall e-mail you another artist's rendition of boots!
    Glad you were able to spend time finding treasures in Hudson.

  2. Boots picture turn out very nice....I love van Gogh work. I would much rather spend a day like that than family would rather ski!

  3. A great post. I am hoping my husband and I can visit this quaint town. I need to look into an overnight stay.
    Thank you!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day and I would so have come with you to Hudson! I don't like skiing either so it would have been perfect. I love the mirrors and the little settee!!
    best wishes always
    Frances xxxx

  5. Oh I do see you have a had a lovely time going to shop in Hudson! As you I am not a skier, I would love to go with you and discover all the charming shops in this beautiful town!
    Happy Valentine!
    PS Thank you so much for your comment on Anthony's birthday!!


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