Friday, March 9, 2012

Outdoors & indoors


Well, today was the first warm day around here, temperatures soared to 67 degrees...
I ventured out to do a long good garden clean up and rewarded myself with coffee and poppyseed cake on the deck.

Unfortunately my youngest is home with a nasty cough, croup like, spasmodic and painful. For a kid with asthma not so good and we all suffer from loss of sleep. Missing school adds to the damage, thank goodness the weekend is around the corner and we can catch up a little!

Sitting in the sun was so beautiful, but I am under no illusion that this warm weather will last. Maybe, please?

But it is, after all, only the beginning of March. But I can dream, right?

All these colors above made me think of this lovely 

Happy Friday!

Images byV.Zlotkowski


  1. Hello Victoria:
    We well remember from our gardening days the satisfaction to be had from that very first venture outside after the winter when both the temperature, and the mood, suggested the outdoor spring clean. And how sensible to allow time to enjoy the spring sunshine with a coffee and a slice of delicious cake. Such are moments to savour and which give real meaning to life.

    We are so sorry to learn that your youngest child is unwell. We very much hope that recovery is just around the corner and send our best wishes for it to be so.

    Jó hétvégét!

    1. Dear Jane and Lance, thank you for your greetings and well wishes. Indeed, the little man is much better and temperatures have cooled a bit....
      But this was to be expected and I am happy, to have had such a lovely afternoon.
      Seeing your Hungarian greetings, do I feel right in thinking you must be back in Budapest?
      Enjoy the emerging spring.

  2. Victoria,
    It was wonderful to open the doors and feel the warm air, although we really escaped a harsh winter. I am ready for gardening and bringing the added light as we spring forward our clocks this weekend.
    Hope your son has a spring in his step soon and that his cough is better. Try fresh ginger compresses on the back which opens up the lungs and fills your home with a lovely fragrance too.

    1. Thank you, Patricia!
      He is better, still coughing, but less so. Thank you for the good idea with ginger. We have been using a humidifier and with his meds he will be fine soon.
      Hoping he will be in school on Monday.
      Lets talk next week, I am thinking of you!
      Enjoy the weekend!

  3. Hello Victoria

    I send good wishes for your son's recovery.

    Cleaning up the garden on the first good day following winter always brought us great joy and getting re-introduced to the various plants again was always heartening. There is a nourishment in Spring sunshine that reaches the soul.

    Wishing you a great week

    Helen xx

  4. Helen, thank you!
    The kid is back in school, much recovered! And as temperatures are rising, I will spend more time outdoors to clean, plant and enjoy...


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