Thursday, March 1, 2012

Postcard from Potsdam

I had only one short afternoon in Potsdam, a city, I try to see whenever I visit Berlin. Now I have one more reason, one of my sons just moved there, after one year of long commute from Berlin to his university. It is grand!

View to the garden at the Business School Potsdam

My son in front of his Alma Mater

The vestibule

At the reception

Front hall

Stair case near front

He rented a nice little apartment, together with a student friend, something German students routinely do, as affordable rentals are available. 
Now he actually can use his bicycle or the tram for a few short stops.
Potsdam has a much slower pace then Berlin, more like a small town, located amidst  beautiful parks and between lakes. The old Frederick the Great already found this place adorable, as he build Sanssouci, the amazingly beautiful summer palace of the Prussian royalties.


I have written more about it here, if you are interested to see some more pictures in summer time.

This time, just some street scenes, and places which caught my eye...

Typical Potsdam architecture

Church at the old town, Brandenburger Strasse

Beautiful court yard

Tiny cafe, our lunch place.

Italianate gardens

Flowers tell of spring everywhere

Market place 

This time we walked around town, he showed me his amazing university and the neighborhood next to it. 
Castle Belverdere is only 200 m up the hill from his school.

Castle Belvedere

Walking up to belvedere

Old garden wall

Lovely details

Potsdam might be small, but is filled with historical and architectural treasures.
There are distinct different neighborhoods. One more interesting and lovely then the next....
There is a Dutch quarter and the Russian village of Alexandrowka, all within walking distance, yet never reminding me of Disney World, as you might now think...

Distinctly Dutch

Gorgeous front

Just like any street in Gouda, Holland

Brick and sky
We drove by the Russian village, but I had no chance to take pictures, so I found some on Google Image:

Image from here.

Potsdam is wonderful to walk through, relax among the 
gardens of Sanssouci or have lunch in one of the small restaurants easily found in the center of town.
There is great opportunity to shop in lovely antique shops or even a department store on Main street.

Antique store

Great colors on this 18th century house

Oh, go and see it one day!

All images by V.Zlotkowski and as indicated.


  1. Hello Victoria:
    What a wonderful stroll through Potsdam we have enjoyed with you. The architecture and architectural details look most intriguing and interesting. Such a lot to delight the eye and all seemingly quite accessible and contained.

    How can one fail to be inspired entering such an elegant building for one's studies?

    1. I feel the same way! I love the fact everything is mainly walkable! This is what I miss here so! And the solid and substantial architecture!
      I am glad you liked the little walk through town!

  2. Victoria,
    Where ever you go, I feel your graciousness and happiness to experience it all. You inspire me to want to take it all in and to surround myself with images of beauty.
    I hope one day we can take a trip to a place and let our imaginations go.
    Thank-you for sharing this with us. It looks charming.

    1. Thank you! I would love this, actually one day, right we will pack our bags and travel together....I am sure! : )

  3. Gorgeous area....I love the buildings and cobblestone roads. What a lovely area for your son to live and study.

    1. Did you get a chance to see Potsdam, while you stayed in Germany? I remember, you were in Hannover. But maybe?
      It is really charming. I agree and my son loves it there!

  4. Beautiful!
    And I'm crazy about that star light!

    1. Hi, Pamela! It is called a Herrnhuter Stern, Star of Herrnhut, a tiny village in Saxony, where this kind of star was first made for the use at Christmas time. It hangs usually until March.
      I remember as a child having a similar one hanging in our veranda, greeting visitors at night. It's charming,right? You can try to build one...
      Here is a link, if you are interested:

  5. Hello Victoria

    You are a very keen and observant traveller and you find the essence of a place. You son is so fortunate to be studying in such a marvelous place. I will put Potsdam on my list. I was in Berlin many years ago, it is time to return
    My best

    Helen xx

    1. Helen, Thank you for your kind words!
      Whenever you want some information or help regarding a journey to Germany, please just ask me! I am glad to help!


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