Friday, October 22, 2010

Adore on Friday

The new Australian online magazine 'Adore' is a great addition to the online magazine family. Fresh and easy designs, many fabulous low budget solutions. Absolutely adorable!

Have a great weekend everybody! And do not forget to check out my latest home project found at House and Living! Just click above!



  1. Too easy but I ADORE it! Online is the way to go, I stopped my Donna Hay subscription a couple years ago...too $$$ for shipping and handling... and I need my Aussie fix!

  2. the i really like the "gold room" picture- so regal but so quirky too!
    and i think i will buy orchids at the farmer's market, like the first photo- i love them!

  3. Wow, easy and great! I love how simple it is. Thank you for introducing ADORE.


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