Friday, October 1, 2010

Great design reads

It is always an inspiration and great entertainment to sit and browse through a new book by a beloved designer.
Below a resent selection found in the bookstore near me!

Vicente Wolf's style has captured my style sensibilities since I got to know his work more the 15 years ago.

Her work is fabulous and a great inspiration for me. Light, modern and the best of traditional style fusion.

Timeless Scandinavian style. Modern and traditional mix in perfect harmony!
And below captures my idea of a graceful life. To live with what you love makes your home the extension of your soul.

The one below actually came home with me, it is a great personal inspiration to restore, re purpose and to recycle.

It's a great way to live green to reuse what you have, to buy antiques or used pieces with potential, to freshen up, look for your
inherited china or take those chairs from the attic and paint them white and mix and match the around the kitchen table...

Image from B&N and


  1. I have several of the same wonderful books which always inspire!
    Happy weekend. Stay dry!

  2. Love the little side table in the first photograph, actually I like the room! Now that I have started doing a little interior work in our flat, that first book looks like something I could do with. Have a lovely weekend x

  3. Great selection of books my dear. Have a great weekend xx

  4. Sweet friend - wish you were to browse through these painterly books, read Rilke, and discuss the beautiful in the sublime. XX


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