Monday, October 25, 2010

Dining chairs - before and after

After a few hours of work on my dining chairs they have a fresh face....It took the better part of the day to cut fabric and to staple it on to the frames. I used some batting to give a bit more support to the seat and now they are done! Strict orders have been given to mind the 'new' chairs, since they will be used at every meal...

And the bench had been done yesterday by me, trying out my skills and being quite happy with the results...

Now all I need is a manicure...
PS: And just click at House and Living above to see my recent acquisitions on Etsy and Ebay.

All handiwork and pictures by V.Zlotkowski.


  1. Hello Victoria! I am impressed that you took this project on even though you made it look really easy! You must be so happy with the results! I really like how the bench looks. The fabric is adorable with that cute pillow! Enjoy your new look it is fantastic!


  2. I absolutely love the fabric and the chairs look fantastic! Well done ... a great job Victoria. I hope you are well and I am sorry I haven't been by recently ..... life is so hectic. You must be so proud of yourself to say I upholstered my dining room chairs! Beautiful ... have a lovely day
    M.A. the 2nd

  3. Well done! Suddenly your chairs have a nice new life ready for lots of living.
    I can see that you must be very proud of your efforts. Celebrate with a special meal, break bread, and enjoy christening those new cushions, just no spills, right!

  4. Jamilyn: Thank you, I am so in love with this bench fabric pattern.
    I was thinking of doing it allover, but apart from the expensive fabric I felt it would be nice to have something different and special.
    Francis: Thank you too, now when I see it, it is a bit like in disbelieve, that I've actually done it....
    Patricia: Thanks, my friend! This is what we did tonight, had a lovely dinner celebrating
    'new ' uplifting!

  5. What a difference you made with a bit of fabric and time. I have done my dining room chairs. It really changed the looks. I love the covered bench fabric. Way to go!

  6. Love the bench and pillow. Gorgeous fabric.

  7. I love the fabric you used. It matches so well!

  8. Rebecca: I am so glad I did it.
    Lois: That fabric makes me happy every time I see it!
    Christine: Thank you, darling!

  9. They look so pretty!!! Happy & fresh!


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