Thursday, August 11, 2011

Imaginary shopping spree

When in new places I love to go on imaginary shopping sprees. Filling my dream home with the stylish things I love and adore, I'll take you along, perhaps you might start dreaming too.
Savannah has captured my imagination fully and I have toured historic homes, museums, shops. I have found many beautiful pieces and only very few will make it home with me.
Driving home with all our luggage is enough o stop me in my tracks.

Why don't you follow me? Savannah is steeped in tradition, all the way from the first colonial settlers to plantation homes along the coast to the lovely French influenced style of the Savannah houses on countless squares and small streets.

I'd fill this beautiful house...

Let's get started at this charming place! The Paris Market Brocante! Follow the link to shop from home...Filled with treasures from all over, with a heavy French influence as the name hints, it also has a small cafe for the exhausted traveller...

The Paris Market Brocante

An antique bed with colorful linens...

Whimsical shade and a charming alarm clock...

Moroccan  tea glasses...

And wonderfully old and new hotel silver!
Stone floor and cozy seating arrangements...

Add wild cushions...

Mix French table and chairs with candle light!

And finally share a coffee with me here!

While sipping, I spot this next to me...

And these small note books across the table!
Are you tired? Not yet! Come along, I will show you a pretty store with a funny name: One Fish Two Fish! Down on Whitaker Street you'll find great design, books, happy clothing and jewelry mixed up stylish and deliciously! Everything for a house by the sea...

Pretty dresser, pretty lamps, pretty runners!!!
Classic side table with recovered books...
Do I spot Dash & Albert runners? And a darling Low Country landscape?

And right across the street? A little outlet and Circa lighting? Indeed!

Just looking into some windows!

And all that only on a short stretch on Whitaker Street!
I guess you get the idea: Savannah is gorgeous! All around!
And I haven't even told you about some restaurants and the friendly fellow blogger I met...

But that's another story!

All pictures by V.& M. Zlotkowski All rights reserved 2011.


  1. HI! I found you on Franny's blog... and so glad I did... Savannah..ah! it's my family ancestral home, and you have captured the style and chic-ness of that fabulous city so well here! I did a post last year featuring One Fish, and all the other shops along the way... can't wait to get back for a long visit..

    thanks for a great post!



  2. Love it all Victoria and we would have had so much fun together!!Wonderful finds along the way! So glad that Kit found you as well.


    Art by Karena

  3. I am imagining myself shopping with you and enjoying all the lovely shops and shop owners exchanging pleasantries. Hope you had time to buy a few things to bring home. I am imagining you must be sad to leave however perhaps happy to return to your home.

  4. It was wonderful and now we are home again and I dream of these days....

  5. i love your dress and glasses! Source?

  6. Love the "Curiosities" books. I have never seen them done that way...wonderful shopping trip!

  7. It's an interior design paradise! Just look at those wonderful pieces of furniture! You sure know a lot of good places where you can find a lot of awesome vintage collections for your home.

    Garry Easton


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