Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Working on a living room

We are back from the South, with lots of ideas and great inspirations! Coming back from somewhere always leads me to do some changes in my house....But in this case it's this and the somewhat overdue paint job!
It's the absence and the distance I have put between me and our home! It makes me always see clearer and I can make decisions easier! 

Our living room has seen better days. Don't get me wrong, I love the mixed feeling, the old red leather sofas and chairs, so inviting for reading. The baby grand, tucked in the corner near the window and the blue and beige chain link patterned carpet. The artwork is mixed too and there is an ottoman with a cowhide atop. And small writing desk...
The curtains are well worn and over the hot weeks in July the shades on the front windows have strangely disintegrated... A part fell off, obviously just glued on previously! Looking at all this I am thinking of needed improvements. The paint is chipping, darkened around the often used fire place and wall sconces. 
I am thinking wallpaper. I am thinking Bloomsbury. I am thinking Farrow and Ball!
And I am thinking of the Rosslyn pattern.

Rosslyn # 1906

Rosslyn # 1908

Rosslyn # 1924

Rosslyn # 1942

What do you think? What would you do?

All images via Farrow & Ball web site.


  1. I think your time spent down South with kinder gentler things inspired you to being a bit of graciousness to your walls. I do love wallpaper and love the neutral one best.

  2. Patricia,
    Thank you, this is just how I feel!
    I agree, neutral, it's my first choice as well, just waiting for the samples, maybe something else will grab me....
    ; )

  3. ich kann mir die erste tapete sehr gut vorstellen. aber ich mag auch die rote sehr gern. vielleicht damit nur einen kleinen teil des raumes?


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