Sunday, August 28, 2011

Storm front

Sitting in my car, waiting out a tropical storm in Savannah this July!

After a stormy night we are relieved, no power outage, no trees down in the garden and the only problem is the significant flooding of our basement.
I could not sleep well and woke up much earlier then normal to the pounding of the rain on the roof and against the windows, but it was not as strong as we feared!
I am thinking of all the much worst hit neighborhoods and the people who lost loved ones. My heart goes out to them!

I hope you all stay safe!

Pictures by V.Zlotkowski.  Copyright 2011


  1. I adore your images. How wonderful that you captured that storm down South. Sorry to hear about your flooding. We were so fortunate to just have a few branches scattered about our property. Rest easy.


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