Thursday, August 25, 2011

There will be rain

Well, it looks like our weekend plans have to be postponed. The emerging hurricane is on it's way and a gray and rainy morning arose today.

Peaches, berry crumb cake and sunflowers...last weekend!
To lift my spirit I rescued the dying sun flowers, which had been on my table since last Friday's visit to the farmer's market. They had began to hang their pretty heads and finally this morning I arranged them on this footed cake stand where they bring in all the sunshine I miss today!

Today's morning latte and sunflowers sunny side up!

And while I was contemplating my day ahead I walked slowly through the garden to discover many of my Dahlias in bloom, and before the storm will wash them out, perhaps break them, I took some pictures...

I love these colors. The hydrangeas inspire a wonderful palette of muted pinks, blue greens, mauve and cream.

I do not recollect the sources from these last four images, I take no credit, but they are beautiful!

Hope you all stay safe this weekend!


All pictures by V.Zlotkowski except the last four interiors.


  1. Yes! Bring all the flowers inside, away from the storm. What a lovely shelter you shall have!

  2. Victoria, so much loveliness and with our Kansas Sunflowers!


    Art by Karena

  3. Such pretty flowers; one's eyes are dazzled;-)
    Am in Jamaica now. It's wonderfully warm and sunny here. Warmly hope you and family are well.xx

  4. I hope the brunt of the storm misses you, and your flowers. What a lovely idea for your spent sunflowers. I too have picked some from my garden. I grew some small dark ones.

    I think I have the samr place mats that I see in your picture. I use them everyday. So easy to clean up. I need one more for when the whole family is here and now can not find them.

  5. Pamela, I'll do just that and hopefully it will pass somewhat by without too much damage, although the storm seems to come right up to the city....
    Karena: I did not know them as Kansas Sunflowers. One more thing to think of it! Makes me smile!
    Fashion: Gosh, I am happy to hear from you, glad you are well! Jamaica, nice!
    Rebecca: I feel the same, they are so easy to care for and look stylish at the same time. I found mine at Home Goods!


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