Monday, November 28, 2011

Beauty on Monday

Another beautiful morning has risen above the horizon, mild air caressing the bare trees, nothing pointing to a soon arriving winter. I am walking with just jeans and a sweater, a jacket is not needed.

Yet, yesterday was the beginning of the Advent time, the four weeks before Christmas, and I have began to decorate with greenery. The holidays are coming, trees are sold at every corner and since the day after Thanksgiving the shops are filled with everything for a festive time.

Our home at the holiday season 2011

There are dreidels and chocolate filled coins, St. Clauses and reindeers, angels and menorahs. Candles and greenery, stars and more stars blinking everywhere.
All sitting peacefully side by side.


How I wish that the spirit of love and tolerance would spread across the borders, to people who believe burning pipelines, blowing up cars and killing others will bring good change to their world. How much I hope for peace, something I, unfortunately, have too often reason to believe will not happen soon.
How can this small blog spread any goodwill and hope at times (like all others), filled with horror as soon as I look a little further then my backyard?
I feel strongly over the years since I have began writing this blog, how quickly kindness spreads when we are open minded towards others, enjoying their point of view, tolerate the ideas we do not share and stay positive and supportive.
It is wonderful to get to know so many people all over the world, at the same time knowing many more are out there reading this, without leaving a trace. Can goodwill and change come through a small blog, dedicated to beauty, art and the philosophy of life?


I hope my words will make others see for a moment what I see, let them feel how wonder- filled and precious life is and how much love between people can help along our hope for peaceful side by side living.
Getting to know people with different believes and values, being open minded towards their dreams and hopes can bring us closer. Small steps do wonders and just trying to come closer to your odd neighbor or the strange co-worker can make a difference.

Can you imagine?

Our school, like many others, has an annual holiday drive to help children in need to receive a gift for the holidays. My children pick usually more then one of those wish cards from a tree in the school lobby. They feel compassion and hope our gifts will spread more then something material, but love towards someone we do not know, hoping that these children will grow up knowing of love in a world where desperation could rule instead.

Let us stick together, all of us writing beautiful blogs, spreading compassion, tolerance and love towards others.  Let us begin at home and let it grow into the world. 
Let us share more then the beauty of material things, but kindness and goodwill among each other!
Holding one other hand and a chain begins.....

I am wishing you all the beginning of a lovely and peaceful holiday time.

All images as indicated and my own, bumper sticker via google image.


  1. I also wish you a good start of this wonderful Christmas period!!
    And thank you so much for all of your sweet comments on my blog!!!

  2. Love your sentiments Victoria... xv

  3. oh you are so sweet..... thank you for your comment:) I totally fell in love with your house..... the entrance .....the door is sooo beautiful!!!! Sending you hugs from the windy Danmark...*Marie*

  4. Stunning! Especially that gorgeous tree! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  5. Hello Victoria

    I love this post. You have spoken from your heart and I share your views.

    Compassion and love will win. We must continue to pray for tolerence and the ability to agree to disagree and to always be kind to each other. I sincerely believe it is "the quality" of a blog which is important, not the number of followers.
    Thank you for a quality blog
    Helen xx


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