Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bedroom harmony

Of course I am talking color...

These faded Tiffany blues get me in the mood!

Happy weekend!

Image from here.


  1. Dear Victoria .... how beautiful is that bedroom and I also LOVE the faded Tiffany blues, duckegg blues .... they are so tranquil and elegant! Happy New Year dear friend!
    best wishes always
    Frances xxxxx

  2. Indeed, it is beautiful! The color tone actually gave the room a more refreshing look. It would be so relaxing and comfortable to stay in a room like that, freeing you from all the stress acquired from work. If I had a bedroom like that, I would definitely have a sound sleep every night.

    Ed Iwasaki

  3. lovely color combination. Seems like a relaxing space!

  4. That color tones are also perfect for living room and bathroom walls. Don't you think? It will provide a cool mood in the bathroom while it will create an illusion in the living room, making it more spacious.

    Christian Traughber


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