Monday, January 30, 2012

Small and cozy

More often then not many of us live in smaller rooms then many magazines tend to show.
It is the reality for countless apartment dwellers and owners of small suburban or historic homes. 
And although the chances for clutter and the lack of storage can make life in smaller spaces more challenging and perhaps a little more complicated, there are many cozy solutions for comfortable rooms.

Natural tones keep it calm, perfect for the bookworm at home.
Light walls and a harmonious palette make this room perfect for reading, watching TV and relaxing. 
The L-shaped sofa offers ample seating and the chair creates an extra spot for reading. Notice the small writing table under the window. 

Small does not mean departure from eclectic style. This small living /dining room offers light and comfortable seating. The graphic rug and transparent side chair distract from the fact that there is not much room to play with.
I would perhaps remove the prints above the windows. They compete a little too much with the focal point: The sofa!

The above pictured room is an excellent example for  dramatic effects in a less then spacious environment. The burnt orange wall sets the tone for high contrast and the light classic furniture make it elegant.
The basically two tone  color scheme creates calm. I love the choice of hot pink as an unusual visual kick! The black chair cushion ties in with the fire place.

I love the nature inspired country comfort. A big deep sofa and leather chair make up for the small space. An ottoman is the perfect choice for flexible seating and feet up for long hours by the fire. 
The wallpapered niches create depth and I love the reclaimed fat beam for the mantle. Check out the wonderful cuckoo clock!
Again, for the color scheme: Less is more.

This kitchen shows all signs of hip style, yet it's practical and cozy. Light walls and floor keep it seamless and offer the optical illusion of space. The height helps...The bar table and tall stools do double duty as eating area and prep space. The chaise in the foreground transitions the kitchen into the living space. 

This small corner proofs that there is room under the eaves for a retreat to cozy up or to do some quiet work on the computer. Many Victorian homes have more then their fair share of odd shaped nooks and crannies.

Small rooms need to multitask and there are  many solutions to do it in style. Ottomans with storage, build -ins, open shelving and stylish containers, under bed storage and well laid out closets help to keep things organized. 
There are sofas, doubling as guest beds and dining tables can be used as desks...
And as with all smaller spaces, it is always good to edit your household. The simple rule mainly to buy things to replace others is helpful, as is the idea of less is more.

Images as indicated.


  1. Wonderfully cozy spaces that are well edited can certainly provide room for creating memories. I love and admire your talent for gathering such fantastic images. Perfect for a pied-a-terre or a cabin.

    1. Victoria wonderful images! I have a condominium, so while I love to see the grand homes often pictured, the smaller space can be a challenge...

      Art by Karena

  2. I agree with you, all of those are beautiful. I would love to have this kind of home.

    laminate worktops

  3. that first photo is so inviting- could hole up in there with a good book all afternoon. and loved hearing about east german vs. west german feminism- very interesting how we all navigate these things in life, no matter where we live! xo

  4. I've always felt inspired by small spaces (I think its because my flat is pretty tiny!) and that top space is doing just that - lovely!

  5. Hello Victoria

    We downsized from large homes about six years ago. We now have two small homes, which I love and would not trade for all the tea in China. I love the intimacy of well designed smaller spaces. There is a feeling of freedom in knowing one can be self sufficient.

    I adore all your choices and covet the chair in the eaves

    The orange and pink is spectacular.

    Thank you for sharing

    Helen xx

  6. Hello Victoria:
    We have so enjoyed looking at these delicious small room selections. Each one of them has something clever to be copied and copy we shall!!

    We have always held the belief that even in a small space it is good to have at least one thing which is large to give focus and, perhaps surprisingly, to give a feeling of space.

    Although we should say that we are firmly with you when it comes to clutter, we have to say that we fall into the camp of more is good and even more is even better!! Hopeless cases, we know!!!

  7. Patricia, I see a cabin in your future...; )
    Karena: I am with you!
    Alex, make your wishes come true!
    Big Bang: I am so happy you could come!
    Will: I lived in small homes my whole live and only recently we moved into a little bigger house with small rooms.... we have similar challenges!
    Helen, the burnt orange room is my favorite!
    Oh, Jane and Lance, I am giving good advise, hardly heeding it myself! But I try!
    Like you, I love to live with stuff!


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