Thursday, January 5, 2012

Impressions from the West Coast Part II

I am still not quite here yet. Looking at all the photos, sorting through them again, to select a few to show you, it leads me back to our time in between the years. 
Carmel, CA where we stayed for two nights at the Carmel Valley Ranch, impressed me with a neat little town, Carmel-by-the-Sea with charming streets and the most exquisite shops.

One place in particular filled me with joy and desire.
Jan de Luz' The line with tradition.
It is a French linen shop in the center of town, where customers can wait a little while getting custom embroidered items. From bath robes to napkins almost any desirable embroidery is available. It is actually much more then this as I later discovered. Jan has been bringing French style and design to America for over 30 years. He has written a book and apart from the linens he also sells to architects and designers. He carries garden sculptures, columns, fireplace mantles and more. 

One can also find table linens, bedding, finest linen from France, Italy and Ireland. There are scented candles, silverware and china. 

Sheer eye candy and a paradise for the elegant home pursuer. Interestingly my youngest insisted in getting four linen napkins with our initials embroidered. I did not push for it at all. Perhaps the technical aspect of watching it getting done played a minor role?

You can see the embroidery machine in the background

He was ready to have a bathrobe with his initials done, but thinking of his impending growth spurt I could refer this expenditure for a little later....
Shipping is available as well, for those who have no time to go all the way to Carmel-by-the-Sea!
This is what we came home with:

Now Sunday dinners can be a little more stylish....
All thanks to this cool dude!

Thank you! ; )))

And while I was browsing the neighborhood, I got my 
X-mas gift from hubby:

At Burns Cowboy Shop

Burns Cowboy Shop. It's a classic place with an endless array of hand made Western boots to dream of...
Buttery soft, comfortable and just what I always wanted.
Thank you, honey!


Carmel has plenty of art galleries, clothing shops, amazing restaurants and more. Geared towards travelers, they are friendly, helpful and the surroundings do the rest to make you more then comfortable.

I wanted to show you more of the nature around it, but I guess that needs to wait another day....
OK, one more....

On the road towards Big Sur

All images by V.Zlotkowski

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  1. How personal and lovely your trip looks. Love those personalized napkins too. Cannot wait to see you kicking your feet up in those cool cowboy boots! :)


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