Thursday, January 5, 2012

Impressions from the West Coast Part 1

Union Square in festive lights

We spend the time between the holidays and the New Year traveling the West Coast, showing our younger set of kids the beauty of coastal California. It was a huge success and apart from the cities we saw, the landscape impressed us the most!
Of course I could not get enough on camera.... 
Click to enlarge the images.

Looking at Alcatraz

There was the crossing of the Golden Gate Bridge towards Sausalito, San Francisco and the Redwoods.....

Golden Gate Bridge behind Fort Mason
My family in the misty light!

I love that view!

Palm trees at Fort Mason Park

We spend the Christmas Day in San Francisco, walking an exploring. The weather was glorious!We squeezed in a visit to the zoo and traveled by tram and cable car up and down the streets of the city!

Good natured Giraffe

View from the Cable Car

Small SF town houses like from a fairy tale

We finally reached the shore of the Pacific

We left the city behind after three days and were on our way south on Highway Nr.1 towards Monterey Bay, Carmel, Point Lobos and Big Sur!

Driving south

The coast was wild and mysterious

A golden light flooded everything

Every turn brought new vistas

And the sunsets were spectacular

If the journey had only consisted of the tour along the coast, I would have been very happy. It is one of the most beautiful stretches of beach anywhere I have been so far!

Exploring Point Lobos near Carmel-by-the-Sea

Watching a sea otter play

Seals were basking in the sun.

Our daughter is a talented photographer

There was nothing more wonderful the the warmth of the sun and the amazing light
Our son in awe of nature
May he remember forever
 From here we visited the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park,
filled with redwoods and waterfalls, gorgeous vistas and deep canyons.

This will be a part of tomorrow's post.
No need to overwhelm you all with pictures.

As a look at them again, I feel how, when I travel, the impressions rush by and only from a distance I am able to 
recognize all I have received. The impressions seem to imprint themselves a little later in my mind and now again I can feel the sun and wind in my face, hear the cries of the birds and the barks of the seals on the shores. I see again my children's delight and remember the moments of quiet contemplation with my husband by my side.

Wonderful days together

My daughter has become on this journey a photographer with a passion. She explored nature with her camera and walked with me for hours in the forest. 
The youngest was his father's companion, joining him on a special father - son trip to Carmel.

California is beautiful!

PS: I can report, we managed to travel light, only with each a carry - on and a handbag/backpack. The most restrained travel and yet we had enough for 9 days.
It was a squeeze at the air plane, but we managed. Air travel has become difficult to say the least, and charging passengers $ 25 per single luggage stops one from becoming overindulgent.  
: )

All images by V. Zlotkowski


  1. Victoria,
    How wonderful to share such a trip with your younger set!
    I do love San Fran and California. Glad you had a nice time and are back home safe and sound.
    A pot of tea is in our near future.
    Once I kick this cold....
    Making soup now.

  2. Thank you, darling! Hope to share soon more with you and wishing you speedy recovery!

  3. looks like a great trip!
    xoxoxo diane

  4. wow its looks like you had a great time!!


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