Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spring fling

Great finds ahead! Spring is sure to come and when it will I am going to be so ready!!!
I know, it's weeks away, but why not get a little flirtatious?
Come along!

A chair from Kmart!

A cute pair of shoes, a skirt, a dress or a blouse from here! You know the place, don't you? Anthropologie of course.

And how about these fresh pieces? All at Anthropologie...

Or something really fresh underfoot from cb2? (All below)

I am clear eyed about this:

A cute cushion perhaps?

Love that basket...

And something not for closet cases...

Oh, I am getting in the mood! How about you?

xx Victoria

All images as indicated. Top picture Copeland Gainsborough plate from my own collection.


  1. Oh dear Victoria, this is looking promising!!!!! LOVE THE SHOES! WOOOOOO! Have a fab day! Anita

  2. Yes yes yes.....I'm ready for Spring! So sick of the snow! Love the pretty colors especially the plates!

  3. What a wonderful blog! And thank you for visiting mine! All these photos are such eye candy... if I had to choose a fav it would certainly be that fabulous blanket. ;)

  4. I actually love living in the present and enjoying the season....I think all my years of looking ahead to designing the next season made me appreciate the one we are in. That said, you have made me look forward to Spring and listening to Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" will inspire me to think about pretty prints, lovely flowers and whimsical touches to my home and wardrobe.

  5. Dear Victoria,thank you for leaving those soooo very nice comments in my Pacasa album!I do not check there very often and that's why I am so late with my thank you.I appreciate every word of them,you made my day.I love to visit and read your blogs.Thank you for the inspiration.

  6. That chair is from Kmart?!?!?! Whoa.

    Loved window shopping on your blog today!

  7. the kmart chair IS surprising...anthropologie makes my heart sing no matter what season!


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