Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stylish award

Two days ago Rebecca from the lovely blog Acanthus & Acorn surprised me with this
award! If she had not received it herself right now, I would have handed it to her as well! Go and see for yourself!

Thank you very much! I am tickled pink! It gives me such pleasure to know that you think my blog stylish.

And occasionally I am doubting my efforts, measured on the amount of readers or followers. I know, perhaps I should just not look at those numbers, forget to compare myself, but, it does sneak in....
Then this award came and I am lifted and thrilled!
Writing 7 things about me? Something I haven't told you yet?

1) I am a country person at heart! I would love to live in a house in a bucolic setting! Like this pretty country home!

2) I love solitude! Being by myself is not daunting, I love to work, read or explore alone. Do not get me wrong, I love company and my family around, but I need a lot of time alone to think and write.

3) I love simple, old fashioned pleasures: Reading everywhere, walking, watching movies, coffee at home with friends, lemonade in the garden, a swing, cooking a favorite meal. I love to be home. In my heart I am from another era...

4) I am a collector. Not just the china, books and silverware, but I seek memories, store them in my mind, look for visual reminder of my past, a world which is really gone. Remember, I grew up in Dresden, East Germany! As I get older, I try to remember these strange times more often.

5)I do not think myself a fashionable person, I am an individualist, part bohemian, part 1930's chic...I like to dress pretty, but fashionable? My style icons are the woman of the Bloomsbury group, Charlotte Rampling, Sophia Coppola....

6)I LOVE cafes! The atmosphere, the people, the cakes....did I mention that I love chocolate yet?

7) I am a romantic....

Caspar David Friedrich: Woman before the Rising Sun.

Now it's time to pass the Stylish Blogger Award to you other stylish bloggers! Please share 7 things about you which you have not shared yet! (If it's possible...)
In no particular order:

Emily A. Clark blog
Miles of Style
Audrey's Design Ideas
Castles, Crowns and Cottages
A Super Dilettante
Little Emma English Home

So dearest, that's it for now! Thank you for reading things I haven't told you before...
Now I can't wait to her from you!


Pictures as indicated and via google image!


  1. Wonderfully you! You are extremely stylish and also so lovely to share!
    Love your seven thoughts.

  2. Thank you so much for passing the award along to me! These other blogs are so fantastic, it's a pleasure to be in such good company.



  3. Thank you. I'll have to post some things on my blog to get to know me better!

  4. Thanks so much for the award. I'm flattered :) And, I enjoyed learning more about you!


  5. I agree. There is nothing more important than solitude and quiet reflection.

  6. congrats on the well deserved award and thanks so much for passing it on to me...Im very honored!

    I cant believe how similar we are. Im at heart a country girl too, love my solitude and love those european outdoor cafes too!!

    thanks once again for making my day my dear bloggy friend!!

  7. A lovely post Victoria. I always knew you were a romantic x

  8. Oh Victoria, YOU ARE SO SWEET! THANK YOU! I accept it with full honor. I have recently received this award TWICE!!!!!!! I will save it for another day, for I fear that everyone will tire of hearing about myself!!!! BUT IT IS A KIND AND MEANINGFUL GESTURE and I appreciate it so; it is however, wonderful to hear about yOU!! We have much in common dearest! I too am a social person BUT I love my solitude too. I need it to THINK and create. Without enough of it, I start getting a bit cranky!!!! That is why I love to get up at 3:00am!

    Many other things about yourself are part of my life. A bucolic setting? OH YEAH! That is why we have tried to create a wonder world at our little cottage and soon I will show pictures of our progress on our two room addition, but we are not ready yet.

    I send you many thanks and you had mentioned about the amount of readers...I takes a while to establish a base of visitors. You will also notice that for some UNKNOWN reason, people who follow you for a while and who suddenly STOP...that can put you in a quandry, but no fear. Everyone's life takes a turn and some choose to stop blogging, without a word. But we move on to create our spaces to share and enjoy.


  9. My dear, thank you so much. I'm very flattered. It's wonderful to learn so much about you. You are a true kindred spirit. We have so much in common! As far as stylishness is concerned, I'm still work in progress (just a beginner!) ASD XXX
    PS. I love the picture of Charlotte and Cafe de flore - I love that pink vintage car!!

  10. Congrats you stylish girl!! I love the country house photo - I do hope you move there and have a blog get together - It would be my dream to have lunch in that house! Great getting to know you better.

  11. Congratulations on your award! I think it fits you very well. From what I've learned about you, you certainly embody a stylish person.


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