Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good morning, New Year!

And a happy and healthy one to you all!

This is how it feels like: A good morning like beginning. I am looking forward to the time ahead, have plans and schedules in place and this year I will dedicate it to details. Paying attention to details is as important as the big picture. In designing as in life, the details matter.
You do not need to make big changes or need to shop expensively.
Details are often small, but can make a huge difference. Details are all about your personality, making your place truly your home. Display the things, which matter to you most right now. Change them as you move along in your life, interests, seasons. A small stack of books and letters, finds from nature, a vase with something you picked along the way or grew in your garden, photos, pictures, flea market finds, all those details tell your story!

Editing the small details in your home will keep you feeling current. I often think, as you change the details, you will love your surroundings more, even as they age. There will be no need to exchange things immediately, a throw over your sofa or a shawl on your window can give it a fresh face, a new twist or show how you feel right now.

Images via Amenity Home.
Let the place you live in reflect who you are! It is fun and it never gets boring!

After the holidays are behind us and the tree is discarded or packed away many feel a gaining hole were holiday decorations stood. The new year can suddenly seem to feel flat and endless stretching before us! Make it work for you by paying attention to the details.
To rearrange your mantle display after all the green has gone can be fun, no need to feel despair. You still can enjoy some candles sparkling, exchange your candle holders, bring in some small blooming plants, change your colors.



I love to begin the new year with fresh flowers, white candles and a clean slate. Usually a fresh scent helps me change the mood and after all the cinnamon and apple scented candles I enjoy an unscented room or just a fresh flowery one.
This one below is from Diane James Home, with a lovingly designed package by my friend Patricia from PVE Design! It smells devine!

Even in winter I love to open the windows for a while and let in some crisp air, to fill the rooms with freshness.

I love to see paper whites and narcissus grow. A grocer's bunch of flowers set up in a small vase or separated in tiny re-used glass containers can ring in the new season. Low key or high end, it does not matter as long as you are willing to pay attention to the details around you.

Your bedroom can only benefit from a change of duvet and pillows or a different throw...
Give your dresser a new look by putting up the latest holiday pictures, display the new perfume or the jewelry you might have gotten from your husband, boyfriend or children. Bring these gorgeous design books or novels you love to read right now and set them up. Use something different on your bedside table.

Image via Elle Decor.

Create a new dining room display, change is good! Use different china as you greet the new year! All those details mark occasions and the beginning of the new year is surely one not to be missed.


I still keep in mind sustainable living, try to be conscious of my foot prints I leave behind, re-use and recycle, live mindful and caring.
As the new year turns into the year I will take you along as I change and pay attention to the details in decorating and my life. I am hoping you will find inspirations and enjoy the unfolding of your own story this year!
Let's breathe in deeply the fresh air of the new year!


Pictures by V.Zlotkowski and as indicated.


  1. Oh goodness yes, details do matter don't they? I couldn't agree more! It sounds silly, but the other day I tucked a vintage postcard in my old, French crusty mirror in my bathroom...and it makes me happy every time I look at it.:) Wonderful tips and beautiful images. Great post...A very happy 2011 to you and your family!


  2. My husband loves to remind me that the "devil" is in the details!
    So often the details need to be "tempting" and alluring. I am looking forward to a tempting year ahead full of details. Details make all the difference!

  3. Ah Victoria...I love your ideas of beginning new....fresh new looks with minimal changes. Although I have the same colors all year round, I do add or take away certain elements that do make a HUGE difference in the feel of my home. AND NOW, our construction is starting to take real shape. The dry wall went up yesterday, the arched doorway into our dining room is opened today, and the plasterer is coming Thursday to get the walls ready for us TO PAINT! NOW I am going to have fun with this one!!!!

    Thank you dearest for coming to visit me. Do you like the aqua blue? I am incorporating that into my all white room where my harp sits and where I play. Ahhhhh.....that room has to be ethereal and peaceful anyway!!!!

    Have a pleasant day, Anita

  4. They are lovely! The colors are gorgeous! Have a glorious day, Kellie xx

  5. This post is so inspired! I've been getting a tad bored with my place lately and have been thinking of ways to spruce things up. I'll try starting with adding little details instead of chucking out the sofa like I had been thinking

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  7. A Happy New Year to You!!!
    We brought back six kids of Tim Tams - all ones that can not be bought in the States. Thanks to Target we can now get our fix on caramel and regular ones all year long.
    Now to add the final layer to our living room. I agree that small changes can update and make one happy with a room.
    Thanks again for all your visits and comments to my blog.
    Your blog buddy

  8. I agree, I treasure my details! They are what makes a house a home! Happy New Year, darling! XX!


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