Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Have you seen the latest Jonathan Adler pieces? Some of them are platinum covered little beauties. Like the Belly vase!
I adore them.
But at $175 a piece a little out of my budget, but oh so gorgeous!

I found a lovely tea pot which reminded me of JA's design.

A true beauty. It's 40's vintage Hutschenreuther porcelain, silver-plated. It has a lovely patina and shine to it! And I got it on ebay for the fraction of the cost I would have to spend on the vases above. $13.49!
I love it!
Is eBay on your radar? There are still many treasures to be found!


Pictures JA website, and my own.


  1. Wonderful find...and I hope one day you score something from Jonathan -
    Love his happy designs.

  2. You've got such good eyes. I love Jonathan's book about Anti-Depressant way of living. I also like his animal pottery!

  3. Love your teapot. My aunt's tea was always the best as she insisted on serving it from her very old silver teapot.

  4. Patricia, Yes, one day I will. I love his happy style!
    ASD: Thank you, aren't they all such fun?
    Lois: It's really such a pretty piece. And unlike silver this one has porcelain inside, easy to maintain....

  5. Good morning Vickie dear! Now I have never, ever seen such shine....and you are making me wonder about this artist now! THAT FIRST PIECE is pricey, but MY GOODNESS, what a statement that would make on a BLACK TABLE, or even white for that matter, ALL ALONE. WOW.

    Have a fun day dear! Anita


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