Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays

The year comes to an end and I will close the blog for a couple of days between the years! Time to recollect my thoughts and to think about my future plans and ideas. I am so looking forward to the next year filled with new adventures.

The last days before every new year are a good time to think back and to look ahead. It is for many a time to make resolutions and start with fresh ideas and flip open a brand new page. I love the idea to begin anew!

I do look back on my experiences, the joys and sorrows, the times with friends and family, work and play!
This year was wonderful for so many reasons!

We had a long time to be with our family in Europe, we traveled with the children and showed them a new culture!

We have stuck to our plan to simplify our life, we have learned to live with a little less buying, more reading, vintage shopping instead of new!
We have cleaned our attic and the basement...
Life has been good!
And the way ahead is full of promise!

I am filled with gratitude and hope! My plans for the new year are within me and I do not have to wait to January 1 to put them into action: To live a mindful life, to love my family and be true to my friends, to always keep an open mind and a open heart!
I want to learn something new and I want to discover more of old...

Wishing you all a festive days ahead and a happy New Year! May your hopes and dreams come true!
See you all back in January!

With love!

Photography all V.Zlotkowski, painting 'The five Senses' by Jaques Linard.


  1. Merry Christmas...Frohe Weihnachten! Best wishes for the new year!

  2. Wishing you and your family all the best, Victoria, over this festive time. Have a wonderful Hogmanay. loisx

  3. Wishing you all the best during the holiday season and in the New Year.
    I love the idea of a new chapter, just like a beautifully crafted novel.
    Cheers to a new page full of new characters and ideas....

  4. Dear Victoria,
    I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    A big hug from snowy Belgium!

  5. Merry Christmas to you and your Family.

  6. Precious Victoria,

    As I read your words, I SO UNDERSTAND! Living with less, oh yeah! I have been on a budget for the last year. What a difference that has made, and I actually love it. Buying vintage? MUCH BETTER on the economy for those mom and pop antique shops, for our local economy and great for the environment! And it changes you. The best thing of all....and the self reflection is the most precious gift of all! I want to thank you for coming to visit me last night! I was well into my celebration with my husband, that was a sweet evening of quiet rest and opening small but meaning gifts wrapped in...BROWN PAPER BAG!!! much lovelier, indeed.

    Listen, I want to add you to my blog list dearest. But you have several blogs and tell me when you get a moment WHICH ONE do you post on the most?

    Have a lovely couple of days off and I wish you a fresh new start of a NEW YEAR full of much promise, growth and COURAGE to tackle more new things ahead.

    Fondly, Anita

  7. THANK YOU VICTORIA! DONE! I have you on my blog list so I can follow your wonderful world. Have a peaceful day; here at "Rabbit Hill" where we live, it is a joyous day, with another fine week off from our teaching jobs and awaiting the inspection of the electrical and venting work on our two room addition. Hopefully what will follow this week will be the insulation and drywall with an eight foot arched opening blown out leading into our existing dining room!


  8. Thank you all for your kind wishes!
    We are celebrating with friends and family as well!
    Happy New Year to you all! See you back in January!

    xoxo Victoria

  9. My new year's resolution is to clean my attic, basement, closets, kitchen cabinets. It was also my resolution last year, but I can hope!

  10. Such an inspiring and promising post. just right for the new year. i hope this year is even better for you and your family than the previous one. Have a fabulous 2011! Love...
    xo, Persis.

  11. Am somewhat late so belated christmas greetings and warm thoughts for the 2011. Love xoxox

  12. We are just back from a visit to an American culture icon: DISNEY WORLD!
    We caught up with Mickey and Co., spoiled ourselves on sunshine and went for crazy rides.....
    I will be back tomorrow, need to clear the snowed in driveway first! : )))
    Can't wait to catch up with you all!


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