Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mantel decorations for the holidays


Traditionally the mantel is a wonderful place to decorate for the holidays. I found a couple of lovely examples.
All the trimmings of the well loved combinations of green and reds, natural and glamorous.

I love the restraint of green and white...

Or modern and elegant.

But not everyone has a mantel to begin with. That is not a problem and I think instead of a mantel you can use a shelf, picture frame, side board or window ledge to find space to bring some holiday glamour into your room.

If there is simply no space you think you could use, frame the doorway....


Use your imagination. Small frames, books, sheet music, toys, bears and dolls, candles, lanterns: All this can be used to decorate for the holidays. Let your inner child be your guide....Enjoy it!
And since the holidays are not just for the Christmas set, I'll show you a few wonderful Hannukah decorations:
It does not have yo be green, use white twigs, blue mercury glass, elements of nature, shells, leaves and candles. A menorah can be the centerpiece on a mantel as well.




And do not forget: It is the spirit of the heart, the sense of wonder and the grateful attitude which makes these days significant!
Happy Holidays to you all!


Images from here and here.


  1. I really wish I had a mantle to decorate. When I go home for the Christmas season, I will certainly decorate my parents' mantle!

    Thank you for your lovely comments! I will finally be able to update more about what's been going on in my life this last month soon!

  2. Beautiful images! I especially like second one from the top. Just gorgeous with the large pinecones and feathers...I love putting greens all around the house. I've even thrown some up on the bathroom mirror! It always gets me in the spirit when I smell that incredible fragrance in the house. Lovely post!


  3. Oooh! I love that white and crystal theme mantel! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  4. Thanks for sharing this great inspiration!

  5. All lovely but I think the second and 5th are my favorites - I love the lushness of those two!

  6. Christine, you can always decorate a small shelf, right? But I am sure you gonna do something fabulous at your parent's house!
    H.H.Thank you! I so love the fragrant branches for the holidays! Got a fresh load today!
    Kellie, I new you would love that one...
    Milav: So nice to see you, thanks for following!
    Fifi: Thanks, I am glad you like those lush ones, me too!!


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